Srbija (Serbia) Serbian mapping community India To discuss topics related to OSM in India, both for the local community in India and the international OSM community ประเทศไทย (Thailand) To discuss topics specific to mapping in Thailand Deutschland (Germany) Willkommen im Diskussionsforum der OpenStreetMap-Gemeinschaft in Deutschland. zu den Forum-Regeln | zur Benutzer-Anleitung der Forensoftware Ireland Community for contributors on the island of Ireland България (Bulgaria) To discuss topics specific to mapping in Bulgaria Switzerland The OSM Etiquette Guidelines apply in this category, please make sure you take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with them before participating. @mods-switzerland make sure topics are tidy and guidelines are followed. Portugal Comunidade do OpenStreetMap em Portugal Venezuela Categoría para la comunidad OSM de Venezuela. Africa For discussing issues related to the OpenStreetMap Africa community, a network of OSM communities across Africa, topics such tagging, State of the Map Africa, OSM Africa Monthly mapathons, and grants for OSM communities. Català (Catalan) Comunitat catalana d’OSM বাংলাদেশ (Bangladesh) General purpose discussion for mapping related activity in Bangladesh Hrvatska (Croatia) A place for the Croatian community to discuss and vote on decisions. Polska (Poland) Polskie dyskusje szczegółowe oraz ogólna dyskusja w języku polskim. Nederland (Netherlands) Welkom op het Nederlandse subforum van Openstreetmap. Oceania The place to talk about all things OSM in Oceania. Österreich (Austria) Unterkategorie für die österreichische Community zur Diskussion von Themen, die sich speziell auf das Mapping in Österreich beziehen. Indonesia Selamat datang di web forum OpenStreetMap Community : Indonesia. Danmark (Denmark) Velkommen til den danske underkategori. Her diskuteres emner specifikt relateret til OpenStreetMap-kortlægning i Danmark. Brasil (Brazil) Comunidade do OpenStreetMap no Brasil Ελλάδα (Greece) Mappers of Greece Eesti (Estonia) Welcome Estonian and guest mappers! You can converse in English või Eesti keeles. België / Belgique / Belgien (Belgium) Discussions about OSM in Belgium LATAM Temas para todos los países latinoamericanos, que comparten muchos elementos históricos, que se reflejan en el mapa. United Kingdom A subcategory for UK specific questions and discussion from contributors, consumers and companies. Россия (Russia) Для обсуждения тем связанных с картированием России España (Spain) Comunidad OSM en España ישראל (Israel) Israeli community and Israel-related discussions. Colombia Discusión de elementos relacionados con el país Colombia, sobre sus directrices de etiquetado, proyectos locales, entre otros. Se puede escribir en español; de manera similar se podría escribir en inglés, pero se recomienda incluir traducción automática, como la de Google Translate. Canada For questions or discussion about mapping in Canada. South Africa OpenStreetMap South Africa discussion area Magyarország (Hungary) This is the Hungarian community category, where you can find Hungarian language conversations on the one hand, and Hungary related questions on the other. The language of the forum is basically Hungarian, but it will also accommodate topics related to mapping in Hungary in any language. Sverige (Sweden) Discussions about mapping in Sweden. Posting in English or Swedish is OK. Nepal Discussion on topics related to Nepal mapping. 한국/조선 (Korea) OSM 한반도 지역 기여자를 위한 커뮤니티 공간입니다.(Community for OSM Korean Peninsula Region Contributors.) → ★ 카테고리 안내 ★ Malaysia A category to discuss mapping in Malaysia. Italia (Italy) La community Italia (Italy) è un luogo dove discutere standard, buone pratiche, tagging e iniziative relative alla mappatura OpenStreetMap in Italia. Argentina Comunidad OSM en Argentina México Discusiones sobre OSM en México Slovenija (Slovenia) Slovenia community discussion 台灣/Tâi-oân/Tâi-uân/Thòi-vân (Taiwan) Discussions in Taiwan National Languages, like Taiwanese Mandarin, Taiwanese Hokkien, Taiwanese Hakka, Taiwan Sign Language, veries of Formosan Languages about mapping of Taiwan. Україна (Ukraine) Обговорення питань OpenStreetMap пов’язаних з мапінгом в Україні. Suomi (Finland) Finnish OSM Community Norge (Norway) Discussions and questions about mapping in Norway. Posting in English or Norwegian is ok. United States Welcome to the United States subcategory. Whether you live here, or just map here, we’re happy to have you.
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