Maximum number of consecutive replies

Why is there a maximum number (I think three) of consecutive replies allowed; even if these replies are to different above posts? Can this be changed; maybe depending on trust level?

You can quote multiple posts in one anwer. There is no need for consecutive answers.


AFAIK this is a default setting to avoid notification noise (multiple notifications instead of just one) and encourage people to include the content in a single reply.

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and encourage people to include the content in a single reply.

this breaks threading


I don’t understand how, could you explain?

The threading argument may only be relevant if you’re using the site in email/mailing list mode. Replying to multiple posts at once confuses the email client.


Buenas noches.

Yo no sabía se podía hacer hasta tres respuestas consecutivas.

Yo uso los foros desde el año 2000, y en todos es una regla no hacer múltiples respuestas; deberías responder a todos en una sola respuesta, usando "quote"s para cada miembro a quien respondas.

Esto, para evitar que el servicio de correo tomara como “spam” tantos correos con el mismo tema (subject).
Por ejemplo, si alguien hacia tres respuestas en un tema (topic), a la bandeja llegaban tres correos con el mismo asunto (subject), y entonces el servicio de correo lo tomaría como spam.

Por eso, sólo se permitía hacer una respuesta a la vez.
Si necesitabas responder algo, y ya no podías editar el mensaje, debías esperar a que otro usuario respondiera. No podía haber dos o más respuestas consecutivas de un mismo usuario.

No se si sea bueno o malo el permitir tres respuestas consecutivas, pero yo prefiero que sólo sea una sola respuesta, pero con varios “quotes”.


Just as a bit of feedback, I’ve hit this limit while replying to different comments by different people at It would make sense to reply to to posts at once, but there are a couple of “features”** of Discourse that prevent that. One is that each reply can only be to one other post. The other is that Discourse’s “reply” functionality (select a bit of text and hit the reply button) only works for text within one post

You can do it email-style

like this

but that’s far from ideal - it doesn’t link to the previous post or the person that made it.

** bugs of course, but if calling things like this “bugs” would upset you, please read as “features” :slight_smile:

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Your reply can only be directed to one former post, that is correct, but nevertheless you can start a “general” reply (not directed to any other user) and add as many quotes out of different posts by just marking the text and clicking on “quote” (instead of “reply”):

Quoted only for demonstration, sorry for that …

Same as above …

You could even add quotes out of other topics if that makes sense:


So you can! Another example of “very much less than obvious” bit of UX from Discourse. When you select certain bits of text on the page (but not other bits) a bit of white on grey text appears above what you’ve selected - sometimes visible on screen, sometimes actually off the top of it(!) saying ‘"Quote’. It doesn’t look at all like a button that you can interact with. However you can click it, and if you do, what you’ve selected is quoted with a link back to it.

Presumably it doesn’t work on mobile though (no mouse).

YES WE CAN! Emo_grin_1

Nevertheless I really like this feature, much more comfortable than creating multiple partial quotes in the old forum. And even better, every reader can just click the link and unwrap the complete post which can be very helpful from time to time.

You are right and I havn’t even noticed it yet … shame on me. On my screen this happens, when I mark a textline directly beneath the toolbar of the browser which I normally don’t do.

No idea, as my poor eyes and plump fingers are not adjusted to work on the display of smartie … :cry:

It does work on mobile, you just need to select the text and touch the button.