User is deleting many roads in nicaragua

this Praeterium account was created to act on the omission of the DWG, in the case of the user joserrg12, as stated in the telegram groups:
OpenStreetMapOrg and OSMLatam


and maybe much more.
someone can help?

link does not go to anything indicating mass deletions

can you link specific area or specific changeset?

In general you can write changeset comment or contact DWG ( Data working group - OpenStreetMap Wiki ) in case of outright vandalism

it may not even be mass deletes, but it deleted several pathways created years ago, before the aforementioned changesets created by joserrg12 | OpenStreetMap. Nicaragua now has several empty road spaces. more examples:

So now we’re going to have to look for everything that was destroyed, city by city?

more links: links -
because my forum user cant post more than 2 links

You would have made life simpler if you had posted links to relevant changesets. But in any case

would seem to be very clear on the motivation. If you disagree you need to take the matter up with the DWG as @Mateusz_Konieczny already suggested.

Though given joserrg12 blocked by SomeoneElse | OpenStreetMap I kind of suspect that that is not going to help.


Indeed - I’m still trying to get in contact with that user (latest example -… It has been suggested (e.g. at that they are just copying from other incompatible sources), and obviously we (the DWG) would like joserrg12 to respond. As long as they don’t I’ll keep trying to get in touch.

I’ve held off on commenting on the praeteritum changes as, due to the accusations and no reply from joserrg12, it may be that we need to revert / redact everything by that user anyway (obviously any redaction is still pending).

I’ve said “I” above because I’m currently dealing with Ticket#2022091410000111 which was opened about this mapper’s edits (actually in Africa, not the Americas). There have been and are still other DWG tickets about related issues, which are being dealt with by other people.

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If that data was added by copying from incompatible data sources (which is the accusation), then yes - you are going to have to do that. We can’t let licence-incompatible data stay in OSM “because otherwise the map would be blank”.

Given the lack of any reply from joserrg12, we can only assume at this point that they did indeed copy from incompatible sources.

Which is:

In there, is interesting, because it wasn’t originally added by joserrg12, but was added without tags. It’s also not a terribly good match for the underlying imagery - anyone “mapping it properly from imagery” would surely add more nodes, and frankly it’s not entirely clear that there’s a through public route there. Whatever the source was, the “value added” by joserrg12 here was doubtful (and might actually have been negative).

Just so everyone is aware, Ticket#2022111110000078 has been received. Someone from the DWG** will I’m sure be in touch.

** which might not be me, as I’m a bit busy at the moment, but at least 4 of us have had some involvement with these issues so far.


@erickdeoliveiraleal I would note that the positiver route that the Nicaraguan community could take is to lobby the source in question to allow integration in OSM on compatible terms if it is considered unfeasible to survey/trace the removed data (but I wouldn’t know why that shouldn’t be possible).


This mapper has been systematically copying from official sources disregarding copyright everywhere where he’s been mapping.
I complained for his contributions in Panama, and with the support of the DWG managed to convince him to stop “contributing” in that country.
Complaints about the same mapper in Nicaragua were solved with the knowledge of the DWG by an independent mapper through the praeteritum bot.
His actions in Costa Rica are equally questionable, but lacking a local (re)action, he simply goes on unchecked.

in Africa the DWG acted swiftly and more effectively after a couple of changesets and two questions posed by the ADT. (Apple Data Team).