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Hello all,
This time the DWG received the following message of cvd213 reporting me (marczoutendijk) as a vandal:

Good evening mr marczoutendijk. First of all, what you are doing is not an academic paper, because I can block everything for you on openstreetmap. What I did was to add roads and streets to the web. If you want to see the existing ones: 1. 2. . Because what you are doing is a violation for you, not for me, do you understand that, baby? Since you don’t understand I will fuck you!!! And what I was uploading was correct, you’re going to tell me that it’s wrong, right? you gift, you archite, who are you blocking answers that want to design what is missing, shame on you idiot. You blocked me even though I did the right thing, you will unblock me because I will block you wherever you are not. Did you get that, dude?

Sorry for the attitude you are receiving for doing your job, per the reports done (assuming the block was initiated from reports and not from patrolling due to what’s going on the last few months with similar cases).

For those two images, from top of my head, I think the red lines are proposed highways (for years now, but last year there are some moves to initiate the projects properly).

He mapped imaginary roads in construction. There is NO ongoing construction, PERIOD!!!
You did the right thing.

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The block initiated because i reported him. I am constantly patrolling the map for NEW users that follow the same vandal pattern at their edits. I am confident that he was G626.

Concerns about user a1230570st | OpenStreetMap
He joined after the last block.
Example edit: He mapped an imaginary road Way History: ‪Περιφερειακή Οδός Ιωαννίνων‬ (‪1136121471‬) | OpenStreetMap

I asked for the source:


He also mapped a lot of proposed roads.
example: Way: 1136121492 | OpenStreetMap
Although the tag highway=proposed it is acceptable by OSM i think that is kind of sneaky.
I think that he just tries to circumvent the block.
Also his comments pattern is the same as all the above blocked “users”!!!

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When will the changesets be reverted? It doesn’t look like the proposed roads are real at all.

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I will do the reverts

@marczoutendijk Vandal came back again. This guy cant understand that i am watching. :rofl:
User: a1230570st3 | OpenStreetMap
example of imaginary road: Way: ‪Καρπενήσι – Αγία Τριάδα‬ (‪1144414075‬) | OpenStreetMap

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When will the changesets be reverted as well? It doesn’t look like the “proposed” roads are real at all.

I think you should just revert on sight without further notice, if it happens again.

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changesets reverted

It turns out a Maproulette challenge has exposed a bad changeset: see Connect Isolated Highways (Greece) - #2 by ika-chan.


More “crystal ball” roads:

I can’t fix the vandalism myself: I cannot handle these edit conflicts, when I am suffering from severe depression and suicidal thoughts for reasons outside of OpenStreetMap.

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One major issue is still unaddressed: the user is still attacking Komotini: e.g. Changeset: 133859508 | OpenStreetMap

Someone has been mass-deleting ways they thought did not exist, even though the imagery says it does: Changeset: 127317680 | OpenStreetMap

It appears that the changeset history of Geminiani S may be unreasonable censorship of places that exist, such as military bases. Sorry for the rushed edit, but I think someone needs to go through the history.


Also, what are the sources for those proposed roads in Changeset: 133677782 | OpenStreetMap?

@osmf-data-wg - there is a backlog of two complaints regarding edits in the Arta and Komotini area.

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When you emailed the you will have been given a ticket number. What was that? A search for “Komotini” in our ticket queue finds nothing.

For the avoidance of doubt, any issues raised here do NOT get the attention of the DWG. If you email a ticket will get created and someone will deal with it.

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