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Hello, I scavenged enough energy to do a more powerful revert with the reverter plugin on JOSM: I think that would be a better tool in my opinion.

All the tiles in Greece should now be marked “dirty” and queued for re-rendering as soon as possible.


G626 is persistent. He created another account to circumvent the block:

But i notified marc


gaspoerol blocked and reverted
Done: Changeset: 128043408 | OpenStreetMap

Best regards,
Marc Zoutendijk
OpenStreetMap Foundation
Data Working Group

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OK, 195 changesets of G626 have been reverted (from 23-07-2022 and later).
I think we are fine now :grinning:

i have found edits by this user everywhere (imaginary extensions of roads/traffic lights). I dont know what is his deal (he seems like he knows proper editing, restrictions etc). Edits like these make me wonder what is the point, if anybody can ruin the map.

ps: when you see nodes tagged as highway=traffic_signals AND traffic_signals=traffic_lights is probably him

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Can somebody from Greece please check the edits of stratostouvlas2022 | OpenStreetMap ? To me this seems to be again the same user makeing strange edits. Its a couple of trunk roads which cannot be seen on the Maxar image background.


I’m from a nearby area and I can confirm that there’s no road wherever that guy mapped, nor under construction. There are few roads planned, but not in the places where are mapped.

Προσπαθώ να καταλάβω για ποιό λόγο κάποιος να θέλει να βανδαλίσει το χάρτη, πληρώνεται από την γκούγκλ;;;

DWG has been notified.


and all changesets reverted by DWG (@marczoutendijk)

After blocking this user, they were so kind to send me this message.

Geez. Sorry for having to face such messages.

I expect he wants the money in bitcoins! :rofl:

So now G626 is playing the PeterDRS card?

This guy is persistent but nikospag is more persistent.

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Can you please check the edits of Stratos Touvlas | OpenStreetMap ? This new user seems to be the same guy again.

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I will revert his edits. Thank you.

I sent him a message, right before his ban, asking him why he keeps doing such actions (creating multiple accounts and adding imaginary roads), and few hours ago he sent a message (even though he is banned), with just quoting my message without any comment. Or he didn’t know how to reply with Markdown or maybe the message delivery was messed up due to his ban. Either way, it’s weird sending an empty response :stuck_out_tongue:

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