Looking for site moderators

The @forums-governance team would like to encourage members of our many category moderator teams to volunteer for the recently introduced site moderator role.

The primary responsibility of site moderators is to implement sanctions that require higher account privileges (such as suspending users and deleting certain content), which they would do upon request by category moderators. It is important to have these tools available for effective moderation, and having a well-staffed and active team of site moderators ensures that category moderators receive quick assistance.

Any candidates for site moderator position will be confirmed by a discussion and poll according to the forum’s Moderator selection criteria, which also describe the expectations for how site moderators exercise their powers.

If you can imagine becoming a site moderator, please step forward! :slight_smile:


I have just studied the moderator selection criteria and if I have understood everything correctly, I would probably be able to apply for this role, correct?

If so, I will take this step forward in the sense of an application :tophat:


Yes, as category moderator, you’re eligible to become a site moderator. I’ve set up a linked thread to invite community feedback and start the process.

Thank you for stepping forward, I hope others will follow your example!


Quick question:
how many site moderators do you think are needed?

Personally, I would like to see at least 4–5. That way, there would be enough left to ensure a timely response even if some mods can’t participate (e.g. due to issues involving the moderator’s “home” category, conflicts of interest, or being afk for personal reasons).

There’s no target number built into the selection process, though, so it ultimately just depends on how many suitable candidates volunteer.


Would site moderators interested in performing noncontroversial maintenance be welcome? I’m asking because I have no interest in moderating conflicts (all the appreciation for those who do! :heart:), but every now and then I notice e.g. posts in the “New” tab that are in languages that I have explicitly muted in my preferences (since I don’t speak them), because the posts haven’t been tagged with the language.

Here’s an example. While I have muted the Deutschland (Germany) category and the german tag, I don’t want to mute the Help and support category, so this post appears in my “New” feed. On a similar note, a while ago I proposed merging two redundant tags, and even though there was no objection, that was never done.

Would that sort of tagging and maintenance be acceptable, and justify one having site moderator permissions? If so, I’d be interested :slight_smile:

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I think improving tags and thread organization would be a valuable contribution, so thank you for volunteering. I do feel reluctant to hand out unrestricted moderation privileges just for that purpose, though. I’ll bring it up with @forums-governance to see if it’s possible to assign more fine-grained permissions.

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Changing tags on posts can be done by anybody with trust level 3 currently but that is configurable though I believe it also lets you edit the post title.

I couldn’t see any obvious way of configuring who can add synonyms to a tag.


The first poll is now running, but we are still hoping for additional candidates. Don’t be shy! :slight_smile:

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After some consideration, I don’t want to leave @mcliquid alone and agree to support him and the forums governance team as site moderator.

I think that I can fulfil the requirements:

  • I am part of mods-germany
  • I obviously cannot deny that I have actively participated in the community in the last 6 months
  • there are no active bans or sanctions
  • “being exemplary, treating others with kindness” may please be judged by others. There were certainly a few things, especially at the beginning in the new German forum, that I see somewhat differently today, looking back. On the other hand, I don’t put on every shoe that is put in front of me.
  • There are no relevant affiliations or conflicts of interest

As a moderator in the German forum, I have sometimes seen the need to have a few moderators with more rights. Especially when moderator actions were required promptly for which category moderators do not have sufficient rights. However, I hope that such interventions will remain rare exceptions in the future. In the German forum, I would be left out with the extended moderator rights anyway.

Finally, I hope that the above automatic translation is reasonably correct and understandable.


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