Candidacy for site moderator status: Mammi71

@Mammi71, one of the category moderators of Deutschland (Germany), has volunteered to serve as site moderator.

I’ve opened this thread to allow the community to discuss and ask questions about the application. Next week, a member of @forums-governance will start a poll according to the moderator selection criteria.

Statement by the candidate:


@Mammi71 don’t know if that is intentional, but your forum user page at OpenStreetMap Community Forum - OSM Community Forum says This user's public profile is hidden.

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Yes, that is intentional. Is it a negative thing not to have a public profile as a moderator?

What information were you looking for and expecting to find on my user page?

if the profile is hidden, the button to write a private message is not shown (not sure how this is related, if it is intentional and could be changed, maybe there are other ways to send a private message, but it definitely makes it harder by not showing the button in the profile)

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Yes, there are other options. I have allowed people to send me messages in my profile. Simply via the Messages menu - New message - Add user or group… That’s not really any harder.

I also assume that no PM is needed, but a group moderators is set up to send a message to. Just like mods-germany or mods-italy, for example.

My full support is granted. The start into the new forum was a bit chaotic due to the cirumstances but to my understanding Mammi71 did a good moderator job so far. And I don’t see any reason why a moderator should not keep the user profile private - that should be a personal decision for every participant, regardless of being a simple user or a moderator.


the alternative is: click on your name - message user. With a private profile there is no “message user” so the common flow is broken in this case.

Not to mention that the private profile in Discourse, doesn’t really hide anything that isn’t already available/searchable. Besides any possible description they write in their profile, a profile just concentrates the user’s posts/topics and groups they are in. Private profile just makes it a bit harder to find out about that user’s interactions (as it also hides their statistics).
I agree with Mammi’s opinion about private profile in this case (forum).

I wouldn’t know about others. :man_shrugging: I personally like seeing more transparency for positions of power.

What information were you looking for and expecting to find on my user page?

maybe declaration of conflict-of-interest?

Also post statistics, badges, etc. - something that would give me a quick glimpse how you interact with people. One could likely get majority if not all of that data by scraping the Discourse of course, but that sounds like too much trouble just to cast a moderator vote here…


Hm, I don’t think there is much more than what you can find in the “User” menu:

But to satisfy your curiosity I have decided to make my profile public for a few days.
Let me know what interesting insights you were able to gain.

I already wrote it: nothing.
I have no positions or functions in the OSM universe so far (except category moderator, but that’s a prerequisite) and I have nothing to do with OSM in my job.

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I think this is only visibile to yourself if your profile is “hidden”.

On the question of this thread: I am supportive of the candidancy, in the interactions I have had with @Mammi71 in the German area (where he is a mod), he acted in a reflected and balanced way.

Please try again. I think there was a problem with saving the option before.


if already to dieterdreist , then of course also a thx to you - I don’t want to accidentally overlook or forget anyone.

I’m now starting the poll about @Mammi71’s candidacy. It will be open for five days and succeed if it gets at least 80% yes votes. Note that votes will be public to help identify any abuses.

Do you approve @Mammi71 as site moderator for the OpenStreetMap Community Forum?
  • Yes I approve
  • No, I don’t approve (please comment below)
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Congratulations @Mammi71! I’ve assigned you the privileges of a site moderator now.


I would like to thank you for the leap of faith and hope that the “superpowers” are used as rarely as possible.