Can we add a line to the Help and Support guidance text to say that the help category isn't the place to report vandalism?

It might not make a huge amount of difference as the instruction to search for similar questions doesn’t seem to be followed very well, but it would make it very clear that it’s considered off topic.

A linked to some nice concise guidance would probably be best. The wiki page is a bit too long winded at the moment.


This one here would help for that as a link that should be pinned across UPDATE (13.06.2024): Neue Vandalismuswelle - Straßen kreuz und quer, teilweise Namen geändert

1 Like is pinned at the top of Help and Support for a couple of weeks. We can review whether it needs to stay there for longer based on what happens in those two weeks.


And we also get the first translations coming in for subforums in native local languages, see To all country-specific subforum moderators

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Thanks for pinning that post. I can’t get methods B or C to work with existing ferry lines though.

For method B the new pinned post mentions that you can use the data layer as a way of spotting whether these are in the database:

Long excerpt for option B

I don’t think this actually works. See for example this view of this ferry line. The line does not display unless at least one node from the way is on screen.

Likewise option C doesn’t work in the likes of JOSM which also needs nodes in view and doesn’t appear to work for iD either for the view above.

Overpass turbo does appear to catch them. Don’t know how quickly this gets updated.

There absolutely are cases where it won’t work, but to put it bluntly the pinned text is a bit on the long side already - I’d be loathe to make it longer. Also, I am pretty sure that the DWG will know about “real new vandalism” in the data before anyone reports it (in the case of yesterday at 21:10, we knew of the problem 5 minutes before any user reports). The reason why we ask users to check themselves that “vandalism has gone” is to reassure themselves - and to catch anything we might have missed. In order for that not to be a wild goose chase, we need the object IDs, hence the instructions.

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Sorry, I forgot to include my actual point there. I think options b and c can be completely deleted (or collapsed as “less reliable”).

It isnʼt at the top and the pin symbol is upside down.

Discourse says it’s pinned (and closed).
But you can change that to unpinned for yourself.


I’ve abstained from further editing because I think what we have is “good enough” - it has pictures (which my original post from April did not have) and it talks people through looking at the actual data.


If you’re logged in and you’ve read it, Discourse will unpin it just for yourself and turn the pin symbol upside down.

It’s still pinned for anyone who hasn’t read it and anyone who isn’t logged in.


Discourse unpin it for a logged in user if the profile option (Interface)

Automatically unpin topics when I reach the bottom.

is activated. I just don’t know the default, but it’s deactivated in my profile.

It’s probably worth explaining with a series of screenshots how users get to that - Discourse’s UI is an utter mess and it’s spectacularly unclear how to get from one place to another.


I’ll give it a try:)

To get to your profile follow these steps:

  1. click your profile icon at the top, a menu will appear

  2. click the profile icon at the bottom of this menu

  3. at your profile page select Preferences and

  4. in the preferences submenu select Interface

Here you will find the mentioned option in the section Other