Worldwide routable Garmin maps: URL REMOVED

No, I’ve been using the same Mkgmap version for a while now. I’ll upgrade to the latest version for the next update which would then also contain this patch.

I have read through a couple of pages in this thread, but did not seem to find an answer to the problem I have when trying to enter an address on my Oregon 300. I am asked to enter start State/Province, but what ever I enter, I always get the message that the search did not return any results. Anyone know what I should enter to get to enter the actual address?

Thanks for all of your great work. This is actually what I had been looking for the last 6 months. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately the server disk was once again full which has resulted in a number of failed map build requests. If you have received an email with a link to a webdirectory that does not exist then please re-submit your request. Sorry for the inconvenience, it seems like this update is attracting more requests then usual.

Have you found this post?

Great, I’m sorry you had to search that long to find this :wink:

It happened again. More then 500 map requests in the last 48 hours was a bit too much for the harddisk to handle… :frowning:

Just a quick question I am new to this. I updated the information for my neighborhood on the OSM Maps the new streets show fine they also show in the tile for the Garmin generation but when loaded on my device they are not there is there more I need to do? I added these streets in Battlement Mesa, Colorado
Valley View Lane
Gregory Lane
Cliff View Lane
Cliff View Cir
Jessica Lane
Angelica Cir
Bryan Loop

Please supply links like below. Otherwise you make it to dificult for us to check it and come to the point.

I am guessing this is what you need

What do you mean exactly with that?

Where did you get the .img from?

I got the from and when I zoom in on the tile where the streets are located they show on the map but when I generate the maps they do not show on my GPS all the streets around them are there just not the ones I added.

How area you doing that exactly? Where is the osm data coming from?

I think I see the problem. On the site it says that the maps are based on 12-30-2009 which is before my update. Just got confused because they show in the tile.

Yes indeed. The Mapnic tiles which you see in the openstreetmap are rendered within ten minutes or less. So your edits show up almost immediately. But for the Garmin img’s the update is weekly. You have to wait until after next weekend to see your edits.

thanks. So I am doing it right then and will continue to contribute to the map

Another Question I have been generating the map for Colorado and even though I select all the tiles in the state most of the map is blank on my device. This causes a problem when I try to travel even 20 miles form home.

That’s a correct observation: Tiles 73240201, 73240203, 73240206, 73240207 and a lot of other tiles are missing but are somehow still included in the KML file that’s used for the website. Don’t know yet if this is a problem with Mkgmap (which was updated to the latest version) or with some other part of my toolchain… The missing tiles should be colored red.

If the new streets are visible on the OSM website, then it’s just a matter of waiting a couple of days until the changes feed through to Lambertus’ website.

Edit: sorry this is a late reply to an early post - please ignore

Will these tiles ever be available?

Yes, presumably with the next update. But there are no promises.

Thanks for all the work you do on this but I guess I will have to succumb to the cooperate giant. I tried the new update worse then before have been trying to use JOSM the Spillter and MKgmap to do it my self but no luck just to big a file and don’t have the hours it would take to piece it together with the supper small amount of data JOSM will allow to get at once. Unless anyone has other suggestions I am running Windows 7 64x and can’t get the programs to run with more memory

Use a country extract from Geofabrik, pass it through splitter, then run mkgmap on the resulting files. You should be able to do this easily on any modern PC. I estimate that it takes me: 60 seconds to download the UK extract, 4 minutes to split it and 3 minutes to compile it to an IMG.