Worldwide routable Garmin maps: URL REMOVED

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Look two posts up and my reaction directly above yours :wink:

This problem should be solved now. A new update is uploading which should include the translit results for Eastern Europe.

Succes. See:

Very good job indeed!

Hi Lambertus,

would you please post here, when its possible to download gmapsupp.img and not only the tiles…


That problem should have been solved yesterday evening. So if you have requested the map after that (e.g. today) then you should have the gmapsupp.img and the MapSource.exe and the Gmapi available for download.

If your browser says it cannot find the directory on the server then I deleted it because of the problems and you will have to request the map again… Sorry about that…

Otherwise, can you post the link from the email you received?

I guess this is a mkgmap problem, but I am not sure if it is known, or even where to post it. Perhaps you can pass this on if necessary.

We had a big lake here that used to be all one way. It rendered fine on OSM and the maps you create, but it was over 2000 nodes. Thus, it was recently corrected (?) by a bot and broken up into several ways and set as a relation of ways to make the lake. It renders on OSM OK, but now it doesn’t show up on the maps for the GPS. I guess mkgmap doesn’t know how to handle the relation yet.

On Mapsource

Just thought I’d pass this on in the hopes that it can be fixed soon. Otherwise, thanks for the great work on putting out these maps. Much appreciated.


So, the area I have been doing all the changes is in red. What happened. It’s not something I did is it?

It would be useful if you tell me which area that is… Then I can look at the specific error. Most probably the area will render fine next time, Mkgmap is not without bugs.

Btw, a new version of Translit has been used with transliteration for 13 new countries. It should now also transliterate roadnames and POI. More info in this post

No, no, not yet. Only 's with a place AND a name tag. See link.

I downloaded the latest version of the Philippines map and was glad to see all the extra tracks on some Davao roads had been cleared. I was going to ask how to do it.

One of the problems I have is that I live on the main Island of Mindanao but most of my land is on Samal Island in the Davao Gulf. I found that if I wanted the GPS to navigate to my land from home or to home from my land it could not do it due to the water in between. I solved this by adding a “track” marked vehicular ferry alongside the existing ferry route. This worked and I was able to let the GPS guide friends to my land.

I was glad to see the messy tracks gone but the track I added to the ferry route has also gone so I am back to where the GPS cannot navigate except within the same island.

Can you tell me if/how I can change the vehicular ferry route so the GPS sees it as navigable?


It’s not clear whether you’re saying that the ferry route has been deleted from the OSM data, or whether it doesn’t seem to be in the Garmin map that you have created/downloaded.

Can you give an OSM link to the area you’re talking about?

I know this is probably the wrong place to ask this, but does anyone know what the numbers signify here. Tiger has added them to streets that have no name.

is an example.

Would it hurt if I changed those numbers to match the address number on the street?

The vehicular ferry route has been on the map for a long time. It is the second one down on the map at the above URL. I found that if I am on the Island or the mainland and want the GPS to navigate to anywhere on the other side it cannot do it. I have to get it to navigate to the ferry then wait until we cross to the other side and set the GPS to navigate again from there.

I could not figure out what to do to make the GPS see the existing vehicular ferry route as part of the route and so I temporarily added another ferry route alongside. This one was recognized by the GPS so it could navigate including the ferry route.

The additional route I added has now been deleted from the OSM data (the on-line map) so what I am asking is how can the original vehicular ferry route that is on the map be modified so the GPS can recognize it as part of a drivable route?

Well how exactly did you add your line? Which tags did you use? Wich way id had it (history).

The first one on the map is:

The second one is:

If the second one is not routable than the reason looks obvious.

You better ask this on the US mailinglist of the US forum, this has nothing to do with Garmin maps.

There were two ways that overlapped eachother:
The first one is a perfectly valid ferry route but the second one only had a name and not a way type (route=ferry) so I deleted it. It is possible that Mkgmap was confused about what to do with those two ways. so perhaps the ferry route works alright again in the next release.

OK Many thanks. I will leave it alone until after the next release then see if it works.

Google has recently updated the right side of Samal Island so there are now more roads visible in the satellite image. Is there a way I can use this to add more roads on the OSM map? Or is this not allowed. I would not be copying a map as Google has no roads on their map for this area.

Unfortunately nope, you are not allowed to trace Google aerial imagery. Don’t do it.

OK thanks

Patiently been following the thread you provided on the mkgmap-dev list.

Does this ( suggest changes are/have been made to the default style sheet you use? If yes, do you know when they will be in place. I’m a big promoter of OSM among my Garmin geocaching friends and encourage them to use it, but the thick purple lines are a real turnoff at the moment.

Sorry I’m not much use in ‘changing’ the style sheet as I don’t program - I just contribute to mapping on OSM.