What 'key' should be tagged for these amenities?

Hello everyone?

I wonder what kind of facilities you can use while doing outdoor activities where you live.
For example, a hand washing facility, a facility that provides garbage bags, a device that blows away dust or insects from clothes, etc… (Of course, all of this must be unmanned or automated machinery.)
What else is there?
Collecting these cases is to think about what kind of tag to tie these things together.
I think it makes sense to find common properties and group them together.

For example, in Korea, there are machines used to blow off dust and bugs after hiking.
A general view of a dust remover using compressed air in Korea : link and link

It is often used in dusty workplaces.

Or there are machines that spray tick repellent.

I’m thinking about which tags to tie these facilities to, or what tags to suggest.

I’d be very happy if you could tell me a good idea.



Technically, it’s a type of Tag:amenity=compressed_air, but the wiki implies that is only for filling tires, and it would be bad if people assumed that they could fill tires here.

Conceptually similar to an outdoor shower at a beach (a public place to clean off), so some of those tags might apply Tag:amenity=shower - OpenStreetMap Wiki

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@brightj, I also think it’s good to put it inside the ‘amenity’ tag.
(But as you can see, there is no similar value inside the ‘amenity’ tag.)
Please suggest a value that can bind these facilities. :smile:

The Korean amenities blower/tick repellent sound very interesting and useful to map - and they seem to be lacking adequate tags to map them! We don’t have anything like that in Croatia (you’d buy tick repellent in a beforehand shop and carry it with you).

We usually have amenity=bench, leisure=picnic_table, amenity=shelter and amenity=waste_basket (and related waste=dog_excrement, occasionally with vending=excrement_bags).
We’ll also have amenity=toilets, which would often provide toilets:handwashing=yes too, as well as drinking_water=yes (which can also be found as standalone amenity=drinking_water).

On leisure=beach_resort we’ll also have amenity=dressing_room and amenity=shower (which might sometimes, but rarely, appear elsewhere too).

Near bicycle routes or cycling=pump_track we’d also have amenity=bicycle_repair_station occasionally.

(And at the end of your trip there might be amenity=restaurant, tourism=camp_site, or tourism=alpine_hut etc. but that is another story)

But basically (as far as I can remember), for anything we have here, there already exists a tag for it!

Yes. it is completely different purpose, so I would definitely not use that tag for insect blower (unless it also had appropriate attachments to also fill bicycle/car tires).


Thank you for your answers.
Let me ask you one more thing.

There are also facilities where people can simply wash their feet outdoors, but the ‘amenity’ tag doesn’t have a corresponding ‘value’.
What kind of amenities should we call a foot-washing facility?

How about tying up these kinds of amenities together?

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Can you show a picture of that? We don’t seem to have those in my part of Europe.

Interesting suggestions, but I don’t think they they would cover that tick repellent above very good?

also possible related to effort to group tags together:

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What do you see as the advantage of that, compared to inventing individual tags? As you can see from the examples given by @Matija_Nalis , a lot of commonly tagged amenities have their own name that is fairly close to what they would be called in normal language.

For example, would you want to see foot-washing facilities shown on maps with the same icon as insect-blowers? They seem quite different to me.


That is a good point. Perhaps several different tags would be the best. One can always mention them in “related” section on their wiki if/when they get created.

One disadvantage that I see with that approach, is that then those several tags would probably best be proposed with several different proposal processes, which is somewhat more work.

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I think there will be similar amenities.(Of course I’m not sure…)
Image link

I agree.
There are too many ‘value’ arguments, so it might get complicated… :slight_smile:
Any good ideas please.

Fair point. Perhaps they could all be proposed as part of a single proposal for a tagging scheme for “outdoor amenities currently without tags”?

Or simply start using them without a proposal. I don’t think there was ever any proposal for shelter, dressing_room, picnic_table, or waste_basket, but that hasn’t stopped them from being used hundreds of thousands of times.

Also, I’m not sure if the idea would be for a proposed “general purpose” tag to include items already tagged such as showers? That would probably be much more work, as persuading mappers worldwide to change something that already works OK is always difficult.

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Ah, we have some of those highly-chlorinated foot washers like this one but only because you have to pass through them to reach the swimming pools.

But those are usually not mapped here, as they are not an amenity (something you would seek) themselves (instead, swimming pool is what you seek). Now other examples at the link you shared seem like they would be an actual amenity=*, with similar purpose like that air blower, but just for cleaning footwear (or bare foot?) with water (instead of compressed air)?

I tend to agree with @alan_gr above that it probably would be best to suggest each of them as a separate amenity=* tag.

I would advise against that. Single proposal suggesting multiple tags is much more likely to fail (as people who like 90% of proposal but dislike 10% would still vote “no”). So it is much better to do several separate proposals, even it is a little more work, there is much higher chance they (or majority of them) would pass.

That of course can be done, but I think going via proposal process is much better, as other people will give feedback and result in better tag (and its description) overall. Here there is currently only 3 of us discussing, at is is already with more ideas and better way than if it was just one person. With proposal process, final suggestion will get even better than the 3 of us can come up with.

As you note, trying to change the way something is already being mapped is going to create waaaaay more friction and thus problems then if you just proposed how to map things that are currently having no tag at all (which should go smoothly in cases like this). So I’d just go with new propositions (one proposition for each tag to be added).


One other consideration that I don’t think was mentioned: if some of these things are reasonably common in Korea, have they not been mapped at all until now? Or mapped under an “approximate” existing tag that doesn’t really reflect their purpose? Or mapped with undocumented tags?

(I agree that foot-washers I have seen in Europe are more like “thing you are obliged to pass through to get to swimming pool” than “amenity you would look for if you want to wash your feet”). I don’t know if anyone is mapping these.


Good point. I guess @adreamy being Korean moderator might ask there (or already did).

I’ve also done overpass query to show amenity=* tags (ignoring common ones which certainly won’t have anything to do with this like amenity=restaurant etc) - so it can be used by @adreamy to run it at places which they know is likely to have such places to clean foot/clothes. (of course, it would only work if they were mapped as amenity=* tag and not something else).

It has found some amenity=compressed_air at suspicious locations, like Node: ‪에어 컴프레셔‬ (‪8134118602‬) | OpenStreetMap, but if one knows where to look for, maybe other could be found too.

There are at least some similar: https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:man_made%3Dfootwear_decontamination


Maybe amenity=foot_shower, today usage count of 40x, see:



It’s fantastic. :heart_eyes:
Your progressive comments and suggestions are a great help to me.
The discussion has become wider and deeper than I thought, and it is difficult to explain it fully with my English skills, but I will do my best to answer one by one with sincerity.
Since it will take time to ponder, collect data, and translate into English, it may be late to comment, but please be patient.
Please understand that the article may be lengthy to adequately explain due to my poor English skills.
Thank you.

In the meantime, I would like to ask for the further opinions and ideas of others.

Thanks for the helpful comments.
First, there is a compressed air blower or compressed air duster and the convenience facilities for washing feet are separate.
This is just an example of how to group and tag multiple amenities.
Compressed air dusters, as mentioned, are also used in dusty workplaces and to remove dust and pests from the heads of hiking trails.
These days, it is very common to see sports facilities and leisure facilities just to remove dirt.
There are various types of foot washing facilities.
In the old days, it mainly existed as a facility for simple hand and foot washing.
Since then, there are faucets that have been developed and there are some facilities that allow you to simply wash your hands and feet, and there are facilities that wash sand on your feet as you pass through the water as you can see in the photo.
(I am also wondering if I should group these together or categorize them separately.)

The comments below are well understood and accepted.
Thanks for the good help.

Please let me know if my explanation is lacking or if you have any other questions.

Unfortunately, OSM is very, very, very active in some areas, others not at all.
Even in some regions, not all people who map the region live there.
If I try to describe all the new facilities in Korea here, this community will probably be full of my articles. :rofl:
As you can see from the numerous pictures appearing in the search results, it has become a fairly common facility, at least in Korea.

Although low puddle-like facilities are mainly located in places such as beaches in Korea, they do not necessarily exist only in such places.
In addition, I think it should be categorized by considering other types of foot washing facilities.
Faucet shape, low shower shape, shallow puddle shape, etc.

This ‘amenity=compressed_air’ is the exact facility that inflates bicycle tires.
So it has nothing to do with the air duster.
Some people want to use different values in this tag because the working principle is similar.

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Thanks for showing a very good example.
But there’s something a little vague about it.
The foot washing facility we are talking about is not only for the purpose of cleaning the feet, but also for the purpose of washing the dirt, sand, and dust from the feet and shoes.
It’s a pity that the tag you pointed out only focuses on ‘footwear’.

Also, thank you for giving me a good example.
This is a great example, but it seems we need to discuss how to tie together not only shower types, but also faucets and shallow puddles.
It is a bit unfortunate that the method was specified as ‘shower’.