Ukrainian flag on Overpass Turbo

Perhaps most people haven’t noticed it, but Overpass Turbo now shows a Ukrainian flag. A click on the flag reveals a text by Leaflet that contains lots of unsubstantiated claims about Russian soldiers.

Does anyone knows whether Overpass Turbo is part of OSM and whether this represents, in any form, or is supposed to represent, something like an ‘OSM opinion?’

I actually don’t undertand how such a ‘leaflet’ can appear at that place and I wonder what its placement there really means and whether more political messages are to be expected.

Here is a previous reply that hopefully explains.



Overpass Turbo is privately operated and not controlled by OSM in any
way. Nobody has to use it if they don’t like it.

(It is possible that the operator of the Overpass Turbo site is simply
using stock Leaflet which, being made by a person from Ukraine, has the
Ukraine flag by default. Again, nobody has to use Leaflet if they don’t
like it…)



Thanks, but that discussion is not very satisfactory. It is the same “take it or leave it approach” that is so harmful to Ukraine.

Thanks as well.

Unfortunately that means that I will have to abandon Overpass Turbo. This is a loss for OSM. And that only because of some war propaganda for a war that cannot be won.

No one forces you to use any service that is using Leaflet (a third party library). But please stop using this OSM community platform for your political opinions.


Could you elaborate? Which opinions have I uttered?

If you wanted to, you could deploy your own version of Overpass Turbo that displayed a leaflet map without a flag. It’s essentially a 2 line code change (as my previous answer suggested, I did test it).

I have no idea whether the display of the prefix is a conscious decision on the part of the person running that site or just something they have overlooked.

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This one:

“And that only because of some war propaganda for a war that cannot be won.”
is your political opinion.
That is not needed here in this community as this community is about OSM and not about politics (and also not even about third party libraries like Leaflet).


That is not an opinion but a conclusion that I share with every professional.

I just noticed that comments from me are being ‘hidden by the community’ again, just like after the previous discussion about Ukraine.

Stop spreading political messages here and no one will flag/hide your posts.


I can see no pattern, it looks as if it was randomly chosen. So please stop with false suggetions, There is no indication at all that your comment makes sense.

Edit: I also received the message that I have been promoted. :slight_smile:

Just from this thread:

“And that only because of some war propaganda for a war that cannot be won.”
“That is not an opinion but a conclusion that I share with every professional.”
“lots of unsubstantiated claims about Russian soldiers”
“It is the same “take it or leave it approach” that is so harmful to Ukraine.”

Please stop posting political propaganda via complaining about political propaganda.


This is the second message I read of this type in this forum, accusing OpenStreetMap of spreading political propaganda/opinions. From personal experience I know that the OpenStreetMap Foundation takes special care not to make political propaganda or spread political opinions of any kind, so let’s be careful not to accuse unfairly. Before accusing, ask questions. The software ecosystem around OpenStreetMap is huge, and not all of it is the responsibility of the Foundation or this community.


I think that we disagree about the definition of propaganda.

My original post complained about the inclusion of war propaganda on Overpass Turbo. And please look up the definition of propaganda before you complain about my assertion.

I just tried to find out where this came from and whether this was related to OSM.

The situation is now crystal clear to me. The website turns out to be managed by an Ukrainian who has every right to post on his website what he wants. It is also very understandable because he is Ukrainian. I am however not in favour of such propaganda of any kind from any country for any war, ever.

For me this discussion is closed but some people seem to think that they have to attack my words. I really don’t know why. It must be a sensitive topic for some. For me it is just a principle.

That German band on ZTT in the '80s?

:smile: (sorry)

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The comments have been respectful. I don’t see that anyone has “attacked” anything.

For me the official flags of countries are not a problem. I was once accused of having a political position for proposing to add a flag image to a country’s wiki page. It was part of a template that included a field for the flag, so my proposal was only intended to properly complete the template. I never knew what the political position was or what I was being accused of. Although I asked, I never heard back.

Believe me, some people are very paranoid when it comes to politics. It is better for the community to refrain from such topics. They really add nothing to this forum and only lead to some people accusing others of you don’t know what.


Indeed, that’s how it is!
Let me explain it like this:
A flag only tells me where someone comes from.
But that’s not important to me.
What counts are their contributions to the OSM project.
Outside of OSM, Overpass is just a tool that someone spends a lot of time on and that many mappers love.
So is there anything to criticize about the work?
If that helps me to pursue my hobby myself - cool!
I’m not here to discuss worldviews, but this much:
We’re all pulling in the same direction here, I don’t care where someone comes from, what they believe or vote for!
And I’m grateful for a place that isn’t a “social” network…

You can use a Russian Overpass instance: overpass turbo