Leaflet political propaganda

Hello, I used to use and like OSM project alot. Now I was using it in a nextcloud app… until I saw a political statments in a leaflet telling me that Ukraine is good andd Russia is bad, so… thanks, but no thanks. I would not touch anything OSM till your are such biased. Bye.

Hello. There’s clearly a misunderstanding here, OSM (and OSMF) do not promote any political agenda or propaganda, the contrary, they try to keep the data as neutral as possible, with official and reliable sources.
Which leaflet are you referring to? Could you please give a link? OSM officially doesn’t give leaflets. Anyone can offer OSM data with attribution towards OSM, but that doesn’t mean OSM controls that third-party’s intention.


The foundation itself should probably be careful about political statements, but ultimately, Leaflet is just “somebody’s project”, with what they otherwise communicate beein up to them. It stands to reason that their statement doesn’t reflect anything more than their own stance.

Sure, this makes Leaflet less suitable for some people, particularly since there’s usually more than one party to a war…
Still, there isn’t really anything that could, or should, be done with it.

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Attributing a political statement of leaflet (An independent project) onto OSM is like attributing my personal one on OSM.

I think you bark up the wrong tree. And i would consider you just making an account to publish political statements in the OSM community to be abuse of OSM infrastructure.



In case anyone is confused, “a leaflet” here probably means “a third party map created using OSM data and the leafletjs software”.

Since the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022, the author of that software has added a “front page” to the leaflet website describing their experience of the invasion, and a site using recent Leafletjs versions that does not define attribution will see a Ukrainian flag and a link to the Leafletjs site.

Most sites using Leaflet do not show this default attribution because they explicitly add the attribution for the map data that they are using and turn the prefix to the attribution off.

As noted above, the Leaflet software is used by the OSM project but is not part of it.

Edit: added “… and turn the prefix to the attribution off”; as noted here you need to do that as well.


Note that you are obligated to attribute OpenStreetMap when using it power map.

Blank attribution with Ukrainian flag is added by Leaflet when you are not defining attribution (unless something changed recently), which should not happen when you use OpenStreetMap.

Leaflet page has some commentary about Russian invasion, but note that while Leaflet is tool used by many OSM projects it is not controlled by us.

http://overpass-turbo.eu/ and Venue - State of the Map 2024 – Nairobi, Kenya have both flag and attribution.


Note that you are obligated to attribute OpenStreetMap when using it power map.

only if you publicly convey the map

Maybe you are right. I am not a computer expert ( I am a doctor). I just saw the ukranian flag next to the OSM name in the Nextcloud application. I do not want to see this kind of flags/front pages. I consider them as propaganda. Maybe it’s a Nextclod app mistake. I would like to know who’s idea is to put a political statment there.

P.S. And yes, I just register to say this because I could not find an OSM email.

Leaflet https://leafletjs.com/ has a political statement on their first Page as the creator of Leaflet is Ukrainian national and is beeing bombed by Russia.



True; because they haven’t turned the flag off, and it’s on by default. The answer here explains how to turn the flag off. To turn the prefix flag and the prefix link off use “myAttrControl.setPrefix(false);”.

I’ve just tested this with one of the files here and it works exactly as you’d expect.

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Yes, there are some exceptions

this is not an exception :wink: