Troubleshooting section of "How to install Osmosis (Windows)" needs to update `%JAVACMD%` to `%JAVA_HOME%`



osmosis: 0.49.2
jdk: 21.0.1

I’ve been trying to install Osmosis on Windows and found the quick install page.

Upon visiting the Troubleshooting section, I found that it refers to %JAVACMD% which may refer to the main Java directory in the older versions of Osmosis. In the latest version, %JAVA_HOME% is being used instead which doesn’t require any such troubleshooting steps if Java was properly installed.

Hence, the troubleshooting section must mention overwriting %JAVA_EXE% with the java executable instead of %JAVACMD%.

Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

It’s a wiki, so if you see any issues, you’re welcome to edit that page yourself and add any troubleshooting tips! Let us know if you need any help with this.

Hi, @osmuser63783, thanks for your reply.

I was attempting to create an account in the wiki but met with the following error:

Your IP address is listed as an open proxy in the DNSBL used by OpenStreetMap Wiki. You cannot create an account.

It’s probably stemming from my Firefox settings, is there a workaround without having to change my configurations? I couldn’t find much help on this topic on the forums here. One of the users created an account from a different city, or used a different computer.

I am wondering if this is still the signup flow that the users experiencing this issue have to adopt.

Oh! Sorr,y, I don’t know. I hope someone more knowledgeable about the Wiki can comment.

If you have access to a VPN you could try that.

Use a different method to connect to the internet. If you have a phone, you can try that.