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I would like to edit the wiki but I’m unable to sign up.
According to the text, my IP address is listed as an open proxy in DNSBL. I tried both my wi-fi and my cellular connection providers - neither works.
OSM wiki is the only site where I have had such a problem.
Thank you,

Did you create an extra account on the wiki first?

Because according to you need to create it there additionally to the account on

Well, that’s the point. I have an OSM account for several years. Now I want to create a wiki account, but the system does not allow me because of my IP address.
Also there is nothing about whom to contact about such a problem, so I’m trying it here…

I fear you have to do a request on the OSM-Developer IRC or the normal OSM channel … see

You can enter there on the osm channel via web browser, see “webchat”.

So ask there with a link quote of this forum thread.

Thank you, I finally used a third connection provider in a different city, and managed to create the account.
However, the problem still persists for other potential users…

Where are you, and what ISP are you using?
Try these websites, they will tell you if your IP address is on any blacklists, and have help for how to get it removed:

It seems the OSM wiki is using the and DNS blacklists. See

I have the same problem.