Is a separate account needed to edit the wiki?

hello. I am interested in editing the wiki for OSM, but I’m a little unclear about how to start doing so. I recall reading somewhere a separate wiki account must be created. Is that still true, and are there plans for integrating the wiki login to my main OSM account?

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Yes a separate account is needed.

If we were starting now then we would doubtless try and leverage the primary accounts but it’s hard to retrofit as user X on the wiki and user X on the main site are not always the same person!


For other part of your question: see Add authentication to Wiki · Issue #507 · openstreetmap/operations · GitHub


Yes I tried to create an account, but I received this error message:

Account creation error

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Your IP address is listed as an open proxy in the DNSBL used by OpenStreetMap Wiki. You cannot create an account.

Return to Main Page.

I understand the challenges mentioned in the GitHub issue, but this is not a pleasing sign-up flow when the majority of other OSM integrations “just work”.

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No idea how to solve this, I asked Talk:Wiki - OpenStreetMap Wiki

I did manage to create an account on a separate work computer, but yes it felt strange

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