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This a very raw migration step, of course it can be improved.

“users:” can be removed, we can add flags if we want, etc.

I’ve restarted a new migration test (full one this time, with all posts), you can have a look at it on

The import is in progress, current late 2010. I don’t think login works, no need to try it for the moment.

Can the users: prefix get stripped?

of course categories could change names, but it wouldn’t be desirable, people should find the posts under the same categories as where they are now, otherwise it would contribute to more confusion.

I guess every change is doomed to fail if you are that easily confused

Compared with adjusting to an entirely different forum software (FluxBB → Discourse), I would not expect adjusting to a category name change from users: Brazil to Brazil (for example) to be confusing at all.

I’ve opened a new topic regarding the first full content migration test:

I’m merging this with a related discussion:

I have a hard time imagining how this design would scale beyond the tiny amount of top-level categories we have in the current soft-launch phase.

In my opinion, sections that must be easily discoverable for a new user include:

  • The main international categories (“Help and support”, “General discussion”)
  • The categories of the local communities which the user is part of. In particular, we need the layout to support top-level categories for local communities.

Sections that can be de-emphasized include:

  • “This Site Feedback”, which will mostly be of interest to existing users once the site has become more mature
  • All the other local communities

Tobias is right, I’d say. This will not scale. For may personal use of the site, I rather not see any hierarchical stuff at all, where I can dive into subtrees, and never get out of them for the rest of my life. And I think, I won’t be alone. Rather, the entrance should be a kind of feed of things, that I care about, a flat list. And as I consider language and location top priorities for most people, I shared this idea here. Proposal - Language and location based content and categories - #90 by Hungerburg

Caveats: The feed might have “holes”, sure, you will find a work around.

I want to mention this discussion as related part of this topic. (for feedback consolidation as @nukeador noted)

There are a few principles that I find interesting to consider:

  • Allow the forum to be used by more people to observe how the current features/behaviors play out.
  • Understand what works and doesn’t based on that.
  • Make informed decisions on changes based on this experience.

From my experience that’s the best way to avoid never-ending discussions about what people prefer, since there is always going to be people with different preferences. This way things can be tested and then take informed decisions that might still not make everyone happy, but at least will optimize for the majority + real user-case observations.

In this particular example, I would suggest to wait a bit until we get more users and categories and then check with everyone again in a couple of months how things are going and what issues are taking place.

How does that sound?

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Yeah, we should at least await until migration before doing anything major, that will bring many users who can decide.

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Came across this cool discourse configuration today:

I really like the sidebar on the left. It allows for quick navigation and access to important links. Maybe an idea for this forum to.

See this :slight_smile:

Sweet, looking forward to it

Just reading this thread for the first time, so apologies if this has already been discussed. I know this was only a very old example of how things could be migrated, but I notice the old OSM Communities listed for both Australia & New Zealand. Assuming current plans for migrating the old forums go through, how would they then integrate with the new “Oceania” community that is just being created? Would everything from both old spots go together into the new one?

I think you chose the wrong topic for your question - the migration issue had only been touched here in regard of the future design of this forum. To discuss further migration details you should check here.

As far as I am up to date, it should be possible to consolidate several “old” communities into a single “new” one upon request.

Thanks! Reposted over there.