[RFC] Add ordering:* keys; add contact:sms

This proposal is to copy the Contact Details elements from contact:*=*, add ordering:sms=*, and add contact:sms=*. After finding a restaurant that had an SMS-only ordering phone, I found there was no way to tag either ordering or SMS-only phone numbers.

See proposal page on the wiki, and discussion page on the wiki

Taking the comments from the discussion with Kovposch, I revamped the proposal from using "ordering=" tags to adding contact:=-like sub-tags to takeaway:=, delivery:=, and drive-thru:=* as well as adding ordering:sms=, and contact:sms= to indicate the capabilities of each of those phone numbers.

I have added voting to this proposal, ending July 12, 2024 0:00 UT.

Due to a typo, “drive-thru” should have been “drive_through”. I made the changes, incorporated comments from voting into the discussion page, and am resubmitting the proposal RFQ.