Additional fast food collection point

I recently encountered an empty shop front used as a pickup point for fast food orders. It essentially looked like a kiosk sized area with fast food branding, but without any order counter, terminal, seating or any other means to get food other than a massive QR code on the wall. Other than customers waiting for food I didn’t seen any signs of staffing in the brief time I was there.

This somewhere where a “proper” version of this fast food chain was available for people with tickets so presumably the pickup point is served from that kitchen and the food run out by staff.

Do we have any sort of consensus on how to tag this sort of thing?

The shop=outpost tag sort of works, but would you tag this as amenity=fast_food or not? If so, how do you say that there’s literally no way to place an order other than through the internet.

Sounds a lot like a ghost kitchen. Also interested in how those should be tagged.

Ghost kitchen is for delivery workers only. This seems to be for “customers” ordering them?

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As I understand them ghost kitchens are the food equivalent of dark_store=*. They produce the food and are normally delivery only, with no ability to pickup in person.

This is almost the opposite, a place just to pick up and I didn’t see any indication that they deliver at all and it doesn’t appear to have any ability to produce food on site.

The only thing they really have in common is the “online only” ordering.

Another interesting variation on fast food ordering is a pub I frequent which beyond crisps, nuts and scratchings does not serve food.

On the tables are menus from a nearby pizza takeaway with a QR code and you can order a pizza, have it delivered to your table and you can eat it in the pub.

Is there some tagging for this?

As a restaurant owner once told me ‘The customers eat me poor and drink me rich’… smart move by the pub owner as a pint or a chianti needs to go with the food and safe the 2.50 for the ‘coperto’ restaurants charge here per-person for setting the table.

How about amenity=fast_food takeaway=only?

This covers the no seating part but not the fact you can’t order in person. (Bad luck if your phone is out of battery.)

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I recently discussed electronic ordering in-store, including touch displays, own phone via QR code, and store-provided tablets Proposal talk:Add ability to specify ordering-only phone number, sms-only phone numbers and related tags - OpenStreetMap Wiki (then there are analog push-button ticketing machines in Japan for a long time, or order slips you write yourself akin to submitting a request form to customize your ramen)
So in relation to that, takeaway:qr_code=only could be composed. payment:qr_code= is already used. However to be comprehensive, the framework for other ordering methods should be considered conceptually.

Reminds me of =biergarten , for own food. Another thing at restaurants is extra corkage or “cakeage” fees for your own bottle or birthday cake.
Then further, whether outside food is allowed to be brought into cinemas, theme parks, etc, although indicating hot or strong-smelling food will be more complicated. There was a question about whether food or drink / eating or drinking in general is allowed, somewhere I forgot. The few of these are mostly in *note*= or *description= now. Besides alcohol= , which has a few more detailed vals directly.
There is delivery:partner= , so there could be eg outside_food=designated + outside_food:partner=The Pizza Outlet + outside_food:qr_code=yes . bring_your_own= doesn’t feel to fit the semantics, and it’s mostly =bring_your_own* used in bbq= and alcohol= . Though I wonder why delivery:partner= in the first place, rather than eg delivery:network= .