Restructure wiki page key:name?

Rob: rewriting an English article while ignoring English grammar is ridiculous.

This entire discussion, and your entire premise, has devolved into ridiculous circular reasoning. You’re persistently wanting to use the term proper name—in English—in the context of how it’s used in German, Latin, French, Spanish, etc.—and quite pointedly not how it’s used in English—because you want to make it easier for an online translator to translate the English article into German and other languages.

You are wrecking English comprehensibility in the name of (AI) translatability: that is, quite frankly, nuts. I have to agree wholeheartedly with Zeke:

I’ll go a step further and say that not only is that “not a good reason”: that’s a horrendous reason to change it.


Google Translate is notoriously poor at translating into German specifically. For what it’s worth, it correctly translates “proper noun” and “common noun” in the two other languages I speak (Spanish and Vietnamese). DeepL is reputed to be better with German, but it’s a less mature service, so maybe there are bugs in some cases.

In any case, I think we need to remember that there already is a German version of the article. If German-speaking mappers prefer to consult the English-language documentation over the documentation in their native language, maybe there should be a discussion about why that is. Do the German pages have a reputation for being outdated or harder to understand than the English ones? Do editors make it too difficult to access the German pages? (It’s a good thought exercise for any language, of course.)

Some widely spoken languages don’t have very much documentation at all on the wiki, so it’s only natural that they’d fall back on the English-language documentation. However, to the extent that we accommodate these users, we should consider linking out to a more comprehensively translated resource like Wikipedia or Wiktionary. Ideally, we would only devise our own custom definition when no everyday concept neatly corresponds to what we need to document.


No idea where you got that from :wink: I see varying results from bing, deepl and google, both ways.

All I see here is a person wanting to rewrite the English documentation all the while showing limited command of the English language. I guess the reason is, because the English documentation is taken to be the master/blueprint for translations – an idea that is not only met with joy, see talk about machine translation for the Wiki pages.

Regarding German peculiarities (Not a Germanist speaking): Noun is a grammatical term (Substantiv or Hauptwort in German). Name is not a grammatical term (semantics perhaps?). All names are nouns. The other way around, I do not think so. But it does not matter much, because we uppercase nouns, not just names. I do not think we have “proper nouns”, this just does not make sense and there is no need for it either.

Regarding German peculiarities (Not a Germanist speaking): Noun is a grammatical term (Substantiv or Hauptwort in German). Name is not a grammatical term (semantics perhaps?).

well there is