Report vandalism or concerns about edits here

(repeating what I said elsewhere for a slightly wider audience) you need to try and find examples of stuff that has gone.

One way is to zoom right in to somewhere with relatively few updates and look at the regular OSM history. If I do that in a field in Crimea I can see that September 17th was right in the middle of the last wave of name:ru vandalism. Looking a bit closer at one of the objects changed I can see that “name:ru removal” (as well as “name vandalism”) did happen, although in that case the “name:ru” did get added back at the revert.

I have been thinking about this, and unfortunately this is the kind of confrontational and assertive language that makes it hard for us to reach a resolution. It gives me an impression, even if unintentional, that you think that you are always right and that everyone else has to follow you, even if it does not reflect reality.

It does not help that I am on the brink of suicide due to reasons outside OSM.

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No dear Ika-chan, i am not always right, as I am not always wrong.