`osm-river-basins`: Website to show how are rivers in OSM connected

Just wanted to say what a great QA tool this is. It makes spotting missing waterway sections much easier. Thanks very much Amanda.


I concur with the above message. I do have a small request though. Could waterway=tidal_channel be added to the “non-artificial waterways” category? Right now I’ve got this very colourful mess :stuck_out_tongue:

done. (wait for update)

There’s no way I can get a view on Europe with Rhein, Rhône and Danube colored separately with the river/stream view.
When switching the number of color, the 3 of them get rendered with only two colors.
Can you put a larger palette?

I’m glad everyone’s finding it useful. :grin: I’d like to take a step back and think about which map views we should have,

I’ll keep the boatable & canoeable views (v. quick to make). (Are there other simple ones like that?) and the group by name view

But I think there should only be 2 other “global” ones

  • all water (i.e. incl. canals), waterway∉dam,weir,lock_gate,sluice_gate,security_lock,fairway,dock,boatyard,fuel,riverbank,pond,check_dam,turning_point,water_point,spillway,safe_water . This is already on waterwaymap.org.
  • and one for water just along natural course (i.e. river, stream, etc), I’ll use the previous tag filter as well as waterway∉canal,ditch. (which should include rapids). What other “artificial waterways” should I exclude?

Later I’ll remove:

What do yous think?

(If only I could edit the title of this thread :slightly_frowning_face:


It’s because they’re connected (in reality!) :rofl:

The standard all waterway map view includes canals. There’s a canal (in the real world) connecting the Rhine & Danube. I presume the Rhône is also connected.

When looking at just waterway∈river,stream, the Rhine, Danube & Rhône are often 1 or 2 colours. But by tweaking the length filter, you can remove the Rhône, so it’s clearly not connected. The numbers on the lines show the total length. The same number, the same connected group.

Howevever the Non artifical waterways map view shows all 3 as connected. There must be something connecting the 3 there!.

OK. I may have a look at the website code and see if I can tweak the coloring. Are the tiles available?

Today the Danube river has a total length of 525.347 km in the “River or Stream” view. The Rhine is 149.469 km and the Rhône is 62.050 km. What @yvecai meant is that if I set the minimum length to 60.000 and the maximum length to 550.000 km, then the Rhine and Rhône always have the same color, although both have different lengths. This may be a random coincidence or a little bug?

This is the view with 7 colors:

I think it’s a co-incidence. The code uses the lowest way id in the group as the way id for the group. The colour is that id, modulo 7 (or whatever the number is).

That would be rather complicated to colour according to the neighbours colours :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:
Maybe randomizing after each press on the colours buttons?

I did that, and the Rhine, Danube and many other waterways are now connected again see here

When looking at waterway∈river,stream,rapids, they aren’t connected. map. A new puzzle to solve.

For those in look for a guest, from the top of my head, Rhone and Rhein were connected by the Canal dEntreroche near Eclepens CH for a short time long ago, and by a Canal nowadays between Dole and… maybe Mulhouse FR ?

So the puzzle is, why is planet-waterway-nonartifical (Natural Waterways (excl. canals etc)) different from planet-waterway-rivers-etc (Rivers (etc.))? What connects the Rhine and the Danube in one but not the other?

Where in the code is the actual list of tags that is included in each of the views?

Another question, should the “canoeable” map include portages?

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Regrettably, this is what I get since about a week, both in Vivaldi (Chrome engine) and FireFox, both 64 bit… the loading never ends.

maybe you are blocking pub-02bff1796dd84d2d842f219d10ae945d.r2.dev ?

Here, in the Makefile. There is …-nonartificial, and …-rivers-etc. The difference is

…-nonartifical is waterway∉dam,weir,lock_gate,sluice_gate,security_lock,fairway,dock,boatyard,fuel,riverbank,pond,check_dam,turning_point,water_point,spillway,safe_water and waterway∉canal,ditch.

…-rivers-etc is waterway∈river,stream,rapids,tidal_channel

We can manually try to figure things out. But I’d like to implement an algorithm like betweenness centrality to show “choke points” like that instead. But that’ll take a while.

Maybe! :slightly_smiling_face: I don’t know canoing. How are those things tagged?

The code is on Github: :scroll: amandasaurus/waterwaymap.org, You can open a new issue.

Tried Edge & Google Chrome too, all the same response



No idea where in Windows 10 firewall or AV a specific exclusion can be set, ‘exclusions’ for file, extension, folder, or process does not do it either… Got so far that this file address points back to https://waterwaymap.org. with some registrar info.

I get the same outcome from my work computer (and it has been so from the day one), which is indeed configured to use a proxy server and all sorts of security layers before connecting to the outside internet. From both of my private computers the website works fine. And I turn off the Windows firewall as a matter of routine, of course – it creates much more problem than it’s worth.

wow that’s weird. Sorry that’s happening. I’m using Cloudflare’s R2 (because the creator of pmtiles recommends it). I haven’t ever changed from my side.

Are you able to execute this command in the shell and tell me what i says?

curl -v https://pub-02bff1796dd84d2d842f219d10ae945d.r2.dev/2023-04-01/tilesets.json
curl -v https://pub-02bff1796dd84d2d842f219d10ae945d.r2.dev/2023-04-01/tilesets.json

Response all in red print, with some yellow at the top, for the disclosable part.

As noted, only since a week, maybe coinciding with me doing the monthly Patch Tuesday of W10-64 which I ran on Wednesday, the 13th