Opening_hours:covid19 tag - 2023 discussion

Is it safe for editor software to remove opening_hours:covid19 when user resurveyed opening hours? And opening_hours tag was updated/verified?

In general, is opening_hours:covid19 worthwile in any area? Is any place in situation where it makes sense to record temporary opening hours changes, for duration of Covid19?

It seems to me that everywhere opening hours info should go into opening_hours and COVID19 is going to be present for foresable future and is not disappearing any time soon. But maybe somewhere local situation makes this tag still useful?

For additional context see discussion of opening_hours:covid19 from February 2022.


Not entirely sure how to interpret people (5 so far) reacting with thumb up and not commenting so to be clear my plan is to

  • remove opening_hours:covid19 on update of opening_hours (may affect StreetComplete)
  • resurvey opening hours where opening_hours:covid19 claims different opening hours from opening_hours - and possibly update opening_hours, remove opening_hours:covid19 as mentioned above
  • in general avoid use opening_hours:covid19 and treat it as something to be avoided if at all possible
  • consider removal of opening_hours:covid19=open, opening_hours:covid19=same and where it equals opening_hours ( Sprzątanie opening_hours:covid19 (propozycja edycji botem) proposes doing it with a bot in Poland, not planning to make a wider bot edit but I can share code )
  • consider removing support in editors for opening_hours:covid19

Yes to all above bullet points. I’d go further by also making it a deprecated tag and support mass removal (like you reference to a bit to be run in Poland).

Out of interest, do you have any stats on which countries have most instances of these tags?



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According to taginfo the key is used 111,163 times at the moment, out of which the values open are used in 42 % and same in 22 % of cases.

Stats for some random countries:

Country opening_hours:covid19 opening_hours
France 33,420 221,612
Germany 10,771 500,529
USA 7,768 233,617
Italy 2,415 64,605
Poland 1,261 108,501

Is this tagging useful in any region?
I believe it describes past events or is replacement of opening_hours=* for over three years, which is preferred to be in main opening_hours tag.

Maybe it should be clearly discouraged at Wiki and mechanically edited by bot worldwide? I’d support such proposal.


Remove. Please. :cowboy_hat_face:

Yes, it seems sensible to end use of this tag since it’s often not clear which set of opening hours are COVID-19 specific when surveying. (Opinion from the UK)

It should also be removed from iD’s suggestions.


When the UK went through its “okey cokey” opening hours period (thank you, Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock) I stuck a date note on any covid opening hours that I added to make the context clear.

An interesting question for food and drink retail marked as “closed due to covid” would be “did it ever reopen”? An overpass query for that will generate an interesting list of places to check in any area that had covid closures. Around me more than a few didn’t reopen, and I’ve updated them to an appropriate “properly closed” status.


StreetComplete (once this change is released) will remove opening_hours:covid19 on opening hours resurvey, see remove opening_hours:covid19 on OH resurvey · streetcomplete/StreetComplete@640add7 · GitHub


This can be raised at GitHub - openstreetmap/id-tagging-schema: 🆔🏷 The presets and other tagging data used by the iD editor if anyone wants (or implemented directly and submitted as PR if someone expects that merging is likely)

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In the Netherlands we already reached a consensus last year to remove all opening_hours:covid19 tags in the country, following the government’s decision to get rid of the restrictions to opening hours: old forum discussion

I recommend the mass removal of this tag in all places where there are no more active restrictions on opening hours related to Covid19.


I am in the middle revamping’s services section. This thread is making me re-think whether to keep the covid19 version. Especially since it doesn’t seem like most businesses are even using it.


Does anyone know region where this tag is useful right now?


AFAIK the UK never had restrictions on opening hours, but individual businesses could decide to limit their hours due to reduced demand.

Were nationwide restrictions common in other countries?

To my knowledge, they were common in the Philippines from March 2020 (when general COVID-19 restrictions were first implemented) until late 2021 to early 2022. At one point, most business establishments had to close at 6 PM but such restrictions were gradually relaxed (initially until 8 PM; prior to the lifting of opening hours restrictions, establishments can operate until midnight).

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In Italy we haven’t discussed whether this is a still valid tag or deprecated, but COVID-related restrictions have been removed for a year.

In Italy we haven’t discussed whether this is a still valid tag or deprecated, but COVID-related restrictions have been removed for a year.

most restrictions, e.g. you still have to wear a mask in healthcare contexts like hospitals, doctors or dentists.

You’re right, but their opening hours are back to normal, they’ve dropped the COVID-related opening hours anyway.

Key:opening hours:covid19: Difference between revisions - OpenStreetMap Wiki - I marked this tag as unwanted anymore based on this thread.

Feel free to remove/revert/edit if I misrepresented consensus from this thread.