Proposed bot edit: removing opening_hours:covid19=* that duplicate opening_hours

opening_hours:covid19=* tags are problematic, confusing and should not be promoted. The original idea was to have them temporary, for duration of Covid - and sadly, “temporary, until Covid19 goes away” has become an oxymoron.

While say opening_hours:covid19=closed provides some info and indicates need to resurvey location, some provide no useful info at all.


opening_hours:covid19=* with value the same as opening_hours=*

This tags can be safely removed with an automated edit.

I am running such edit in Poland ( Mechanical Edits/Mateusz Konieczny - bot account/removing Covid from Poland - OpenStreetMap Wiki ) and want to propose running the same in USA.

See also Opening_hours:covid19 tag - 2023 discussion


Please do!

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Probably a good idea. I don’t think anywhere around where I live even has special Covid 19 hours anymore and I doubt anyone will ever resurvey places to check if the hours are still valid in cases where they do either.

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Sounds good to me


I agree with the others that these should be nuked.

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… Can I? :eyes:

Another vote to remove this tag!

In this case I have already prepared code, I just need to change “Polska” with “United States” and description to English one, so it will not be so useful - and I only wait to give people time to comment.

Have you seen this ? (was also posted elsewhere where you were more likely to see it)

Original list is at [OSM-talk] Proposed automatic replacements of multiple surface=* and shop=* values (review welcomed!)

Note that for USA-limited edits interaction with talk mailing list can be replaced by posting it here ( United States - OpenStreetMap Community ) and on USA Slack. (fixing remains and new occurrences of sidewalk=none would be one idea)

I see you have shop=snack on this list. I recently moved cuisine=snacks → cuisine=snack, so if you do change the shop tags I suggest moving it in the same direction. shop=snack is more common than shop=snacks anyways.

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