Object:* "schema"?

I just stumbled across wiki pages encouraging the use of an “object:" namespace in parallel to "addr:”, apparently created to assign addresses to things that don’t have an address but are near one: Key:object - OpenStreetMap Wiki

Trawling through the Wiki history it looks a bit like this was one person’s hobby horse rather than anything with any sort of community consensus behind it; is anyone aware of any wider discussion having happened to establish object:*?

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There were some discussions in Germany

According to the wiki history it is quite clear that these keys have been introduced by a user whose hobby was to tag the historic gas lamps in Düsseldorf with some kind of address without using the address: tags.

Meanwhile the object: tags have been used some 100k times spread all over Germany (~ 99%) with some uses in the neighbouring countries as well.

There have been severeal discussions dealing with these tags (additionally to those mentioned by @hfs ):

Adressfragmente an Stolpersteinen - #9 by black_bike
name_suggestion_index (NSI) - DHL Packstation - #16 by wobi9000
Tagging von Kunstwerken
Harmonische Datenstruktur für die Feuerwehr - #2 by Jo_Cassel

You should be aware of that as you took part in some of those.

Another approach to the same issue had been startetd by using ref:city, ref:street etc.:
Tag ref:city, ref:street etc wird benutzt wie addr
where it was suggested, to use the established oject: tags instead.