Massive mapillary takeout for panoramax

I have similar feelings about that. I already asked the team about this and that wasn’t really something they were looking into.
We’re going to add an exif tag to each exported image that mentions the image key from mapillary. So there’s atleast a possibility of editors/viewers implementing some kind of deduplicating system

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I’m also interested to have my data copied over! My Mapillary username is the same as here (=heilbron).

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thanks @heilbron you have been added.

For everyone following this topic, we have a public dashboard sheet on cryptpad here:

Please copy my sequences too, my Mapillary username is vladac
(It is only about 11k images.)

Can’t find my name in the document, nor my photos on Panoramax!

tykayn missed it, I’ve added it.

Regarding Panoramax: currently there is only an OpenStreetMap France instance of Panoramax and they would prefer only having images of France on their instance. The idea is to have Panoramax instances for each region/country/whatever.
So I’ll download the images and store them on my backup server.
Maybe the OSM Belgium server could be a BeNeLux server. Who knows. We’ll see

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Are there plans to add these servers to Id and JOSM once setup? Otherwise that would make all of the work inaccessible to a lot of mappers.

ID should be coming this year (Google Open Summer of Code project for it). (Potentially creating a Common library so any app with Javascript can use it, such as Mapcomplete)

JOSM i’m still looking for someone to help get funding from nlnet for. Haven’t found a dev yet that is up for it.

Any plans for a German panoramax server?

I tried the web uploader and at least this one seems not to sort out duplicates = ones with close gps location (maybe I need to tweak open camera to disregard small position changes - if this is possible)

I don’t know of any other countries trying to setup Panoramax servers at this time.

It’s best to ask any Panoramax questions in the Matrix/telegram channels:

@cquest might be time to request a category on this forum for all panoramax things. (because currently it’s only on the .fr forums)

Unfortunately I cannot follow as these conversations are french only.

On this community forum only few things are managed using categories, instead topics can be opened in any category and tagged. See e.g.

So a panoramax tag could be created by the @moderators

Yes, a tag should be able to create by anyone who posted already a little bit. No new category neccessary.

As there was already a question about a non-french channel i created a space for panoramax under and created a general talk-channel there as well as a channel for a potential german. The chat is meant for quick questions, there is still plenty of stuff that should happen in the forum :slight_smile:

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