Massive mapillary takeout for panoramax

you’ve sent lots of photos to mapillary and are disgusted that it’s been bought out by Facebook?
you can give your consent here for me to export these photos using a script and send them to an ethical alternative: the #GéoCommun panoramax, on its instance hosted by #openstreetmap France .

to do this, you need to give your written consent and your pseudonym on mapillary in private. or else just sequence identifiers.

it will avoid many people the need to learn how to use mapillary_export scripts, we can discuss how to do this, and if you want a particular account to upload to panoramax or if you just want an export.

but first i would like to get a list of people interested in exporting their pictures

spread the word please


I am interested!

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Have you discussed this with OSM-FR and the panoramax team?


I’d rather be interested to get the Panoramax really distributed in running my own instance - preferable in a simple docker environment.

I am uploading to kartaview and mapillary typically and i started conserving my imagery in 2020.

root@brick:/scratch/local/flo/mapillary# du -sh .
1,6T	.

I am not disgusted by Facebook though. Somebody has to pay for storage and that has been an issue for mapillary in the past aswell, so facebook stepped up.

Storing stuff like that on a global scale is a major issue and when we start pushing stuff to the Panoramax instances this soon WILL get an issue.



Dosn’t look like this is possible:
Mapillary Terms of Use

  1. Prohibited Conduct and Content
    a. […] You will not:
  • Use any data mining, robots or similar data gathering or extraction methods not approved by Mapillary designed to scrape or extract data from the Mapillary Services;

Would that apply to users extracting their own data?

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@Peter_Elderson great news! is your pseudo the same as here on mapillary?
@SimonPoole yup, we have a topic about this on the Fr forum, i chatted with the OSM fr people who do things for Panoramax too, we have people who are ready to give a few TeraOctets to store things, and Panoramax has a huge room to store things thanks to the French IGN which is a public service.
@flohoff agreed somebody has to pay for storage but that is an other topic, here i want to give people back their data with the few TeraOctets i have available, and send them to panoramax if people are ok with that.
of course, keepeing your pictures before spreading is a nice thing to do, but that is not the default proposed by the Mapillary app and they made it complicated to export things, which requires technical knowledge many people will not have
@milet the goal is to export data back to their owners and ask if they want someone else upload it to panoramax, so it should be ok, and the GDPR says that any company operating in Europe should give people a way to export their data. Mapillary has API to download things, it changes over time but they are legally bound to have it. and the funny thing about data mining is that Mapillary is doing data mining all day long.

Anyway, if anybody else wants and export of their data and / or a publication on the OSM instance of panoramax, we can do it.

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I would note that while they need to provide a facility to allow a user to export the data, they do have the right to determine how that technically happens.

Strategically I would suggest simply asking them how they would prefer this to be done, this puts you on high ground and they can’t deny the request itself.


ID 108845621349907
Username pelderson

Slight off-topic, but totally related to Panoramax: I wanted to upload my images there, but it was so slow (really slow, like 2 hours to upload 60 images, when I can do that in a couple of minutes in Mapillary). Is that normal?

Secondly, is there any specific plan to integrate it into iD or JOSM?

With these 2 points, I would consider a massive transfer to Panoramax, otherwise it doesn’t work for me.

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See Google Summer of Code/2024/Project ideas - OpenStreetMap Wiki there might or might not be any takers.

But naturally there’s nothing stopping anybody from writing support themselves (as all relevant editors already support displaying images, it is really just a question of retrieving them).

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Slightly OT Lucas Longour - Panoramax userscripts for OpenStreetMap Contributors

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Please do copy my photos to panoramax (gradgrind).

My issue is with the restrictive licence that Mapillary has now put on the reuse of the pictures. It is not allowed to use the Mapillary pictures for object detection database building e.g.

My photo’s are in Belgium though. And I understood the panoramax OSM fr instance as of last October does not want to host all photo’s for other countries.

Moving these photo’s to panoramax are also useful for governments, businesses and nonprofits as they can be stored with a reuse friendly licence.
We need to work on pilot projects and governances in countries besides France to set up durable funding for storage of photos with public licences e.g. on a panoramax instance.

After that, your offer will be very useful.
Thank you.

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I’m working on laying the “ground work” for an instance here (Switzerland). Which is mainly getting an opinion from the federal data protection office on if it is at all possible and if possible what kind of restraints will we have (aka how much pixelation will be have to do). I might have an answer this year but I wouldn’t bet on it.

Given that these things will take time, see above, it would be wise for the local chapters in countries with a realistic chance of running and submitting to such a service being legal (with other words neither Germany or Austria) to start working on this.


Whats the advantage of that service over the other 2 besides Mapillary? And as far as i could see its not avilable in english? There are the services i know of (now):

Best regards

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I hereby give my consent to export my photos taken under the nick jeddmason (ID: 107678161468092) to send them to Panoramax.

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I’m planning to do the export of all the pictures in Belgium in the coming month(s).
btw, you don’t need consent technically. All images on Mapillary are CC-BY-SA (plus some extra openstreetmap permissions), so as long as you mention the original creator, it’s fine.

Should also mention that I’m looking into getting funding from NLnet to improve the deploying documentation on how to setup a Panoramax instance.
And funding people to develop the integrations in some of the editors.

My issue is with the restrictive licence that Mapillary has now put on the reuse of the pictures. It is not allowed to use the Mapillary pictures for object detection database building e.g.

@jvh that’s news to me. Where did you read that?
EDIT: missed the that post in the thread
EDIT2: honestly reading into it, this is more to do with extracting existing obejct detection data and such from Mapillary. Doing your own object detections on images extracted from Mapillary should be fine. @cquest what do you think?


Panoramax is the only one that’s actually open source from the ground up. is in english and technically anyone can upload there, but they do prefer that people start creating their own instances. Similar to how with Mastodon it’s best if not everybody is on but spreads out over their own instances


Thanks for the answer. So finally i could be setting up my own server and share the pictures with there and properly access them? :smiley: I abused my own Nextcloud with Nextcloud maps sometimes. Maybe thats something for the local chapter here :slight_smile:

GeoVisio - OpenStreetMap Wiki Here its called GeoVisio, maybe the site needs a rework?

And, if i join everything is french for me :person_shrugging:

(Ah, found an open issue on the github Add button to change langage · Issue #30 · panoramax-project/panoramax-website · GitHub )


Geovisio is the software stack that powers a Panoramax instance. Is the best way to describe it.

There’s some setup documentation on their site BUT KEEP IN MIND that these files are technically not meant for production and have some safety problems if you plan on making the server public (mainly the auth part, if you use osm auth it’s probably fine(?) but still)
Hence why i’m trying to get people/funding to improve the documentation