Improving Overpass user experience thanks to AI

I’ve just come across this interesting thread explaining how to easily generate Overpass queries using GPT, which seems like a user experience booster for a lot of people and lowering the entry level to the minimum :slight_smile:

From the comments I’ve also learned about ChatGeoPT

overpass-ai is doing something similar:

Prompt example:

Write an overpass query to highlight all public transport lines in Madrid, Spain


out body;
out skel qt;

There are some open source models being released in the pasts weeks. Maybe we can dream with a future where you can interact, search and query using natural language? :star_struck:


Very exciting! It’s also a great example of entirely open data allowing modern and exiting uses.

Adding this site to the list:


Another tool using AI and overpass-turbo

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I tried making a “GPT” for this purpose, too. It is sometimes able to make a proper query and get the results, but frequently asks for too large of a result, or creates a malformed query.

Actually it does work OK today. Not sure why it was broken last time:


I would like to pick up this thread and ask: What is the best chatbot to generate an Overpass query (preferrably “free / online”)?

That’s what I’m aware of - besides ChatGPT itself (I did’nt check them all):

  1. ChatGeoPT
  2. GeoGuru ChatGPT plugin
  4. osm-gpt (github)
  5. osm-ai-map (github)
  6. other?
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