How to prevent hide a comment from becoming a tool for expressing controversy? | 如何防止隐藏留言成为表达观点争议的工具?

I don’t know how I’m expected to feel at the moment, but as an editor who’s neither from UA nor RU, it’s very cool to see editors using hide so frequently to express themselves. It seems that some comments have been folded but the only common outstanding point between them is to keep the “on the ground” principle, and the reason given is "Your post was flagged as inappropriate: the community feels it is offensive, abusive, to be hateful conduct or a violation of our community guidelines.”
I have noticed that a lot of comments in the Ukrainian community have been hidden recently, especially in the case of differences in opinions about Russian (of course, I am not saying that all hides are unnecessary). Can the moderator point out how these comments are “offensive or abusive”?

For example


It might be worth reading this previous thread which suggests a potential issue that existed a while back.

I have no idea what the current site settings are for “trust level required to hide posts” and I’m not a moderator of either of the places where posts were hidden, so I can’t comment on exactly what happened, and I don’t think it would help to speculate. Maybe try and ask " forums-governance" by direct message or mentioning them after “@” in this thread?

Discourse requires a minimum score to hide a post based on user reports where an admin has not reviewed the flagging. This is based on the users reported, the history of the users who hit report, their trust level, and other factors. With the current settings I don’t believe a single report will hide a post.


OK, If it’s a point count system, at least it’s a community opinion

(However, if can point out which point makes people want to report, it is more important and useful)

Actually, there’s an item flagged right now** that appears to have been hidden by a single report. The report was by a fairly active user with “Trust Level basic user” shown in their profile.

** I won’t link to it since even those moderators able to see it won’t after it has been dealt with.