How to map, where to base a slanted retaining wall line?

We have many what I would call ‘slanted’ retaining walls. In the imagery from space it could be mistaken as being a flat area but that it aint. The case on hand is from top to bottom

Mobile hill of different soils, scrub, a drain, steep grassy slope, slanted retaining wall to include it going around an emergency parking bay with SOS phone, to motorway area in a wide excavation thru the hilly terrain leading at left to a tunnel.

The question is, where to map the wall as a line

a) at it’s footing
b) at the top.

The consequence of mapping at the base is it resulting in an unfilled gap between the grassy/shrub slope and the retaining wall.

Thought of introducing a width, but since the height varies, that width is not a constant.

FTB, mapped this at it’s base and accept the gap but it’s sub optimal.

Any suggestion to improve on this is welcome.

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What about marking the wall footer with the way. Then add a tilt= and direction= if the slabs are twisted.

The wall should be mapped at the bottom, because that’s where it is located.
The gap only appears if you paint from the sattelite image. If there is really a gap, than there is no problem. But if the grass is going right to the wall, than you should map it that way, even if it is not visible on the imagery.

Why not incline or angle…

Not sure what you’re saying here, but the wall is per the map image at footing now, the danger triangles for the downside of course in the wrong location, it’s where the reaper could already have been in action, the emergency bay surely there only out of coincidence.

Though operators and constructors here are quite good at putting fences and railing at top of (man_made) steep drops, the highest section 6M, here you’re best not to follow the navigator in the dark, just above a horse/stable area and an event/adventure centre, lots of people getting inebriated there no doubt, of happiness of course. Also looked at the angle tag and how Pisa slanted/tilted tower gets rendered in 3D for any hints on an angled tagging solution. (It looks horrific in In F4 there special buildings import, not OSM data based).

Anyway, were it a rock face one would map it as an area, just as the vertical view would indicate, easy peasy, (retaining) walls have no such thing. Not getting any the wiser how to solve this elegantly… maybe a cliff way at the top, not ridge :O)))

As with embankment, I would take the top edge for the line. What is missing is a definition of the base point.

The problem is basically the same as with embankments:

Saw that in passing. Will be interesting if something on that roles out. For now, the Carto standard pic is not anything dramatic having to go back as I’ve not finished mapping the ‘natural’ landcover and way sides.

OT, It’s a pity there’s so much not being rendered in Carto standaard, to the extend that time and again I’m looking and checking “has that been mapped yet?”. Very time wasting. /OT