Finding new images for OSM Wiki - help welcomed!

I am now looking for a good replacement for File:Wicket gate.jpg - OpenStreetMap Wiki within a fence

Looking for a small gate for pedestrians, without extra confusing context

Help would be welcomed! (taking a own picture also may be a good idea)

I’d look no further than the English OSM wiki page There are two examples on there.

As an aside the term “wicket gate” isn’t used much in modern English - they’d normally be described as some sort of “pedestrian access”. However, there are more than a few cases where archaic English lives on in OSM, even relatively modern inventions like - these are almost uniformly referred to as “vape shops” in the UK.

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I am now looking for an alternative image of bike pods: File:Bikepods.JPG - OpenStreetMap Wiki

And closeups of bicycle signposts: File:Ncn1-Cramond.JPG - OpenStreetMap Wiki (I have not looked hard for this one but help is also appreciated)

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Some context is surely needed here - what are you actually looking for? A direct replacement for that one, or something else?

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ideally direct replacement: closeup of route 1 in national cycle network of UK - of higher quality if possible, if not then closeup of other UK bicycle signpost

but other bicycle signpost closeup would also work - potentially more complicated replacements like tweaking descriptions would be needed and there is a higher risk that people would be sad about a change

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@Richard may have access to several photos of signs as I believe he has installed them in the past.

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Here’s one with NCN route 442 - my pic and you’re welcome to use it under any licence conditions you like.

(Also quite a rare picture - in the UK, at least - of a European walking route sign!)

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@Mateusz_Konieczny , you can use my picture in Neue Organised Editing Activities für das Radnetz Deutschland (D-Routen) - #6 by Vinzenz_Mai
Licence as you need.

EuroVelo 5 and three regional routes both sides of the French-German border:
Vallée de la Sarre / Saarradweg,
Tour de Sarre / Saarlandradweg,
Velo visavis,

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The image is called Bike pod, what is mapped is bicycle_parking=streetpod.

Not too many mapped, taginfo can tel there are 237 streetpods (0.05%) mapped, I could not find an image on Wikimedia Commons.

Then extracted them and found that most are scattered through Europe but there is one concentration for Newcastle upon Tyne. I did ping the most frequent mapper.

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Just to confirm: is everything OK with File:European walking route sign in Britain.jpeg - Wikimedia Commons ?

(do you remember exact date or exact location? Though for location I guess I can try tracking it down…)

are they having any freely licensed images?

The issue is the licensing - being able to download it doesn’t mean it’s a freely licensed image with the rights to reuse it.


I am still looking for an alternative image of bike pods: File:Bikepods.JPG - OpenStreetMap Wiki

Here you go, it’s copyright free:

Let me know if you’d like me to have DALL-E insert some space aliens while we’re at it :smiley:

So by bike “pod” are you referring to those docks like you have on short-term bicycle rentals that you have an any urban area?

Key:bicycle_parking - OpenStreetMap Wiki claims these are used as public bicycle parking

cool, these appear to have foldable front wheels :wink:


That picture is used here, and a search for those with images finds this, the picture of which seems to have moved here. That one may well be mistagged, but given that there are only 245 worldwide, I suspect it wouldn’t be that hard for the person with the itch that needs scratching here to find a cluster near where people add StreetComplete picture notes, and tie the two together :slight_smile:

Has anyone got nearby SCAME 230V 16A socket ?

To replace File:20110606 002.jpg - OpenStreetMap Wiki

The CycleStreets Photomap has >137,000 images of transport infrastructure (mainly cycling, but plenty of walking too), mostly openly licensed.

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That’s an Italian producer, so probably someone from there… The only replacement on Commons is a svg drawing: