Finding new images for OSM Wiki - help welcomed!

sadly this one is on Japanese Wikipedia (not Wikimedia Commons, so not directly usable) and my Japanese is nonexisting, so I am not sure whether it can be migrated to Wikimedia.

And it is not so great to justify hunting down someone with knowledge of Japanese and copyright.

Maybe we can try contacting Japanese OSM community and ask them to take new picture and upload to Commons.

That’s why I asked first. Don’t know how nor whether it is accepted to move from Wiki to Commons. It has both GNU 1.2, and CC By-SA 3.0 added by Wikipedia:Licensing update - Wikipedia which means it should be worth studying?

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it is accepted but requires review of situation what requires at least knowledge of language.

For example license may be falsely stated - I have seen images tagged with CC-BY-SA 2.0 license template and description “found in image search, maybe copyrighted”.

Or maybe uploader is known for being really confused about copyright.

What about:

Such a thing is called paalkamperen in Dutch and using that you can find on Commons:


@emvee - thanks so much, these two are great replacements! I used both of them.

so there is now just a new case:

something to replace File:20100814 170027 IMG 2624.JPG - OpenStreetMap Wiki depicting car that tried to use winter road during summer and failed would be nice (use at Proposed features/Winter roads - OpenStreetMap Wiki so not critical - but replacing would be much nicer)

and a single repeated case:

AED in vending machine - to replace File:AED Japan Vending.jpg - OpenStreetMap Wiki (there is one candidate, but not great)

In all cases - you can also take photo and upload it to Wikimedia Commons! (they have a better upload process than OSM Wiki, mostly because their community is much much bigger and centers around file uploads)

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That is an easy one:

I had already a look for an AED in a vending machine but that is giving more AED’s besides vending machines apart from this one:

Would be good to make a cut-out of the left side as there is now to much other distracting stuff on the picture.

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this seems to be still moving, not stuck

For something really stuck, see:

It follows more the original picture where also no road/path is visible.