[EuroVelo] Conclusions - Action point "tagging and organising" EuroVelo routes

This topic should serve as wiki to document the current conclusions of the first action point “Tagging topic” and this preface could be removed …

How to organise EuroVelo routes

  • we have an emergent consensus on having one sub-relation per daily section (see the EV17 example)

  • we have another emergent consensus on having branches managed at the national level, and more generally national routes that rely on EuroVelo as a backbone, as independent relations using the same daily sections (

  • as for the EuroVelo relations and their structure, a debate is ongoing between:

    • a “flattened” version currently exemplified by EV17 (no national relations in the structure, only the daily sections from EuroVelo and the parent relation).
    • a version with national segments in the relation hierarchy (children of the EV relations, parents of the daily sections)


Tagging of the superrelation

Currently not even a conclusion and not complete (but I’m sure we will find a consensus):

ref=17 #as proposed by @Richard and supported by @Idrizza, currently used in icn_ref
name=Rhône Cycle Route
official_name:en=EuroVelo 17 - Rhone Cycle Route # if needed
type=superroute #or only route, discussion in a separate topic

Tagging of the segments

Tagging of stages

  • An emerging consensus on not numbering daily sections.
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Rather than label, short_name tends to be more used for this sort of thing, see for example here.

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Great idea, this thread!

But we need to find the appropriate discipline to impose on ourselves so that comments to this page of “conclusions” do not distract debates from the threads where they reside.

Maybe just add pointers to the appropriate threads to indicate that there is a remaining itch and that it is scratched there?

Maybe also the title of this topic should be amended to reflect that it carries (current) conclusions?

I have attempted to summarize current developments on numbering, on the flat structure (or not), on non-EuroVelo national branches. Ideally I would have added links to the topics where the consensus seems to be emerging or the debates art still ongoing.

Please do not provide arguments in this thread. If ever the status seems inadequately reported, fix it, report it here by with a reply, and provide your arguments in the appropriate threads.