Dutch BAG/BGT discussion

Hear your motives; maybe once… The problem is that we have been experiencing many false import requests by at least one somebody clearly not acting with the responsibility of a developer.
On top of the careful import process itself a quality /validity check is as well executed by the BAG-importers.
I reckon the source code for the plug-in is not open and building this to the version it is now: wish you luck!
But let’s await other’s well valued opinion on this!

It’s open; the source is on Github. I’ve built it myself (it works). I’ve looked at an issue with house numbers edge cases with Gertjan, but development has stalled (as you know), so other OSM projects took precedence for me. But aside from the source code for this specific plugin, any developer can write software that works with the Dutch government’s open data; we’ve had an incident with someone performing large scale imports in Tilburg without community backing after all. Access to a private subforum did not stop that.

That was import of gardens and not false BAG building import requests…


Martin, waarom wordt een discussie over zoiets typisch als de Nederlandse BAG import in het Engels gedaan?

Ik neem aan dat áls er een NL sub forum komt in discourse dit uiteraard in NL is. Bag dan ook.

Imports are critical and importand not only for NL
Correction: That post should not be send in English into the NL community
but in an overall one.

Joa joa.
(waarom moet een bericht op discourse trouwens minimaal 20 karakters bevatten)