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Use: place matchit in a directory at choice. Create a subdirectory named Countries and fill it with .poly and/or .gpx country polygons.

./matchit ./world.kml

Any preferene for hardbaked output file names or would you use second parameter for it or all without parameters (assuming world.kml in same directory)?

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Perfect. Is the subdir name case sensitive? (better not)

Parameters are preferred, as the toolchain evolves. So I’d favor an input file and an output filename parameter. The matchit program will not be in the same directory where the input and output files should be.

It will be case sensitive. But if you want a lowercase ‘countries’ its ok.

It can output two files at once but I will change that.

What about:
./matchit iinputfilename outputfilename

The inputfilename is assumed to be a file like world.kml
If there is ‘xml’ (lowercase) somewhere in in the outputfilename it will create the xml format. Else the json format.

Sounds good to me.

Lowercase countries directory.

If (in a GUI) a file world.kml is dropped on matchit or (in a console window) is typed:
two files are created in the same directory as world.kml

if you type
./matchit inputfilename outputfilenam
only one.l (If there is ‘xml’ (lowercase) somewhere in in the outputfilename it will create the xml format. Else the json format.)

matchit sent

Thank you, I’ll start testing it and adapt the website to accept the country definitions.

I’ve started working on the website. One of the changes is a new method of loading the tile definition KML file which dramatically reduces the loading time (13 seconds for the current version vs 1-2 seconds for the new dev version). I do seem to run into a bug in OpenLayers where the style of vector feature is lost on zooming (so you can’t see which tiles you’ve selected once you zoom in or out). I hope to be able to work around this.

Greencaps, I do have another feature request for matchit: Can the country polys be placed in subdirectories who’s name is also used in the resulting XML (You can drop JSON support, I don’t think I’ll be using it)?

e.g. countries/Europe/Netherlands.poly
translates into:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

(the tile name tag could be filled in some other day (each tile has a name according to the biggest city it contains)

As I envision it now, each continent will translate into a pulldown selection box in the website (so there will be about 6 pulldown selection next to each other above the map). This should allow users to quickly select their country.

With the tiles from 27-01-2010 there are no streetnames available at the Garmin Etrex Vista HCx, only the first letter and then …

The search for addresses doesn’t work any more, because of the missing streetnames.

No problems with the tiles from 20-01-2010.

Just to inform you,


Indeed. I inspected Irkoetsk. All streetnames are lowercase. (I mean not forced to uppercase). The KML file loads quick indeed.

Thanks for letting me know, I’ve gone back to the previous release of the 20th. I have updated Mkgmap for the latest release which probably contains a bug or I need to reconfigure).

I use mkgmap-r1537 without problems for a german map. Streetnames are shown proberly.


What happens if you add --latin1 as a parameter for Mkgmap?

BTW, I’ve committed a new version of the website which reenables the country selection again. This time the country selection is dynamically configured so that it works with each new map release. Thanks to Greencaps for providing the matchit application. I’ll expect to add more countries in the coming days

I use

java -Xmx2600M -jar ../mkgmap-r1537/mkgmap.jar --family-name="EU-S" --area-name="EU-S" --max-jobs=2 --latin1 --description="EU-S" --country-name="EU-S" --country-abbr="EU-S" --route --gmapsupp --draw-priority=10 --add-pois-to-areas --make-all-cycleways --link-pois-to-ways --remove-short-arcs --net --check-roundabouts --check-roundabout-flares --max-flare-length-ratio=5 --series-name="EU-S" --adjust-turn-headings --code-page=1252 --location-autofill=1 --road-name-pois 632400*

Streetnames are shown proberly.


Thanks, I assume this was a one off update then. I’ll upgrade to the latest Mkgmap Thursday (when the next update is started).

Edit: The server disk was full again. I’ve cleared the failed renderings, so some of you might get a 404 error when trying to open the link in the email… This time I’ve also changed the combine script so that it backs-off if the disk is too full. This will result in delayed renderings instead of failed renderings. I hope y’all don’t mind sometimes to wait a bit longer until the disk has some space again…

Have a look at your alaska polygon. Is it ok? Selecting alaska brings unsuspected tiles. Please send me the polygon if necessary.

Re: the problem with street labels. I think this was fixed with mkgmap r1534

Thanks, I’ll upgrade Mkgmap on the next update.

Hello all, I am new user so forgive me if I am asking simple things.
I have problem - every map i compile is not searchable - i get message “please enter state” and then “none found”
Why is that and how can it be fixed?

Does this help?

I do not exactly understand.
I compile maps and copy gmapsupp.img to my garmin.
When I choose " find address" I have first question “enter state”.
Whtever i put it says no matches.
it does not ask me about country at all, so I do not have option to input any number.

Maybe I am compiling maps wrong?

Do you use Mkgmap or my website for compiling your maps?