Worldwide routable Garmin maps: URL REMOVED

Well you should ofcourse never soly rely on a gps, because batteries can get empty or the thing gets lost or whatever. Preparation and a 20 bucks standard highway map will help you get along quite nicely. This is what I do anyway because getting a general overview of an area from a 4" screen and slow processor is no sinecure.

Just browsing around New Zealand doesn’t give me a feel that coverage is very good, but I could be wrong as New Zealand is way less crowded then Western Europe. Your future contributions for NZ are very welcome ofcourse :wink:

You may wish to check the NZ Open GPS project, which appears to produce a high quality routable map:


Just downloaded 63240036.img from your site. That is a China tile. Inspected with wordpad it shows a lot of english text but also a lot of questionmarks ??? ???.

Then I downloaded the data.osm for that area and ‘discovered’ that nearly all 'place’s which names were not in english but in chinese had an extra tag name:zh_py.

This name:zh_py is like int_name and name:en and contains alway english ansi.

Suggestion: you could add this tag to your name tag list.

Yes, I can do that.
Edit: done, just in time for the update.

hi Lambertus. Glad to have found such site discussing about garmin maps.
i have a garmin 255 and wanted to install the map of cyprus. have noticed in my unit that only the major roads are available.
how can i install openstreet maps on my unit?

Select Cyprus on the website map, enter your email address and click the button. The site will confirm your request (or return an error).

If successful, you will receive an email with an URL. Open the URL and discover a few files.

I’m not familiar with the Nuvi 255, but here is some generic information on how to get the map on your device.

Thanks everyone for your quick responses about the New Zealand maps. Some good advice, to be sure.

I always make sure to take a paper map along with me, just in case of a dead/stolen/lost GPS while travelling. Like anything digital, a good backup is always a good idea!

Thanks again!

This weeks update is delayed due to tool problems. I’m reconfiguring to work around it, then do a regular update followed soon (hopefully) with an update using the same data but with the transliterator results from greencaps included.

Edit: the new update is online. Looking at a sample in China it seems that using the name:zh_py tag is working very well! Next update will hopefully contain Russian, Polan, Romanian and maybe some other transliterations using greencaps’s tool as well.


This is a succes. Just downloaded a tile of China 63240036.img and compared it to that of last week. There are so much less questionmarks.

In osm data of China I see: and GUANGHAN SHI is now in the file. It was not last week.

I have to add that not always name:zh_py contains valid ansi (or is it ascii). But then what does it matter? A questionmark for the one or the other?

Great Job guys. I am continuing to edit my area, and have covered a lot of territory for just myself working on it. Lambertus, I have a question. On your GPS unit, what is your accuracy reading when you are mapping. Mine is 9-14 fee always and was just wondering if this was sufficient.

sphyg: good job, have you become addicted already? :wink:

Under normal conditions, placed on my bicycle mount and clear sky view the GPS displays the inaccuracy as 4-6 m. It gets worse in dense built-up areas or heavy tree cover. Keep moving in straight lines as much as possible helps the algorithms to estimate where you are.

9-14m is sufficient enough, especially if you are in unmapped countryside areas. A line that is possibly 10m off is better then no line at all.

It has come to my attention that some map building requests don’t succeed (resulting in only an This is probably due to an too-complex tile in the Netherlands (there might be other tiles too). I’ve reported this and hope a fix will be available soon.

I think sphyg had a typo (fee) and he, like me, resides in one of those less advanced parts of the planet where they still use “statute” units rather than metric. 9 to 14 feet is pretty good. Sphyg, are you using an external antenna? WAAS?

I am addicted. My wife is hating me for it. You misunderstood me. Mine is feet. 9-14 feet would be 3-4 meters, not 10. So I am assuming that I am getting a good enough reading for reliable maps. Our measurment are, I belive, 3 feet = 1 Meter

Yes, you’re right. I am using statute. I can switch it to metric to see what I am reading, and if its 4-6 meters then I know I am doing well! I just changed it as a matter of fact, and I am 7M accurate, INSIDE MY HOUSE! :slight_smile: So I will change it back to ft as I know I am doing good enough! WAAS is enabled, but no external antenna. I do it mostly on my bike, so would an external help. May look into getting one if it improves accuracy a lot.

The GPSmap 60CSx is a very good GPS, 4 to 7 meters accuracy is also very good, there is no need to get an external antenna imho. But if you do, please inform us of the gains in accuracy.

I’ve been using a 60CSX with and without an antenna. With an antenna and good observing conditions the EPE number improves (from 15 feet to 7 feet for example) and the signal strength bars are all at full height, but there doesn’t appear to be a significant improvement in tracklog accuracy. I generally don’ t use WAAS, because, the few times I did, I didn’t see any improvement in accuracy.

Two side by side comparisons between an Oregon 300 and the 60CSX in good observing conditions didn’t show any significant difference in accuracy. I’m looking forward to testing both under difficult observing conditions (canyons), but that won’t be for a few months. The 60CSX must be really susceptible to multipath error if signals are limited, because my canyon tracklogs without an antenna can be spot on when I have a good view of the sky, and off by a mile when I don’t.

Hi Lambertus,
thank you for your maps, they are really great!
Today i tried to download a new version of the maps. But the installer for roadtrip, mapsourse and the map for Garmin devices were missing. A second and a third request didn’t solve the problem.

Yes, there are a number of tiles that trigger a bug in Mkgmap which leads to the missing roadtrip, mapsource and gmapsupp files. Trying again won’t help because the requests are cached :wink:

I’m working on applying a possible solution.

Hi Lambertus,

After selecting a few tiles I pushed [build maps] and received an email. Opening the email, I didn’t see the mapsource installer link. A scanned this topic and couldn’t find an answer.

Is the mapsource installer version still available?

Greetings from Johan, Twello nearby