Worldwide routable Garmin maps: URL REMOVED

For some weeks it is not possible to download a part of for example France. Now I dedided to download then the map of the complete country, but unfortunately the download will not start. Does somebody know when this will work again?

Pick a site which works for you from here

Hi so I’m trying to get a map on to my GARMIN 520, it was always easy with but now that’s not working I’m having trouble.

So I download the map I want from (it’s only a small map so storage, isn’t an issue)

I’ve tried the options Garmin cycle and Garmin openfietsmap both LATIN AND UTF-8

Then I just drag the image file to the GARMIN device folder and rename to gmapbmap.img (I deleted the old file already)

But I haven’t managed to get a map image to display on the device.

Is there any step I’m missing or something anyone can see that I’m doing wrong… thanks!

Don’t delete gmapbmap.img - this is the background map that your garmin needs, it is essential and should never be deleted! Just copy the gmapsupp.img to the garmin device folder was all you had to do, maybe rename it to anything.img but gmapbmap.

Hi there,
I have a problem with copying the OSM that has been already installed in Basecamp to the Garmin 60csx. Even though the map is detailed in the Basecamp and working properly, the program copies it in such a way that only highways and lakes are visible on the device (on a white background for this area).

I‘m using that way (from Basecamp to Garmin) to copy tiles because I do not have the gmapsupp.img file of this area anymore and I cannot download it anymore because doesn‘t work (only whole countries are available).

Does anyone have any idea why I cannot copy this map? As I said, I have the whole map but not in the single .img file. Maybe there is a way to make it.

Thank you for your help.

Thanks for the help but this was the guide I used before and it worked, I just cant figure out waht I;m doing wrong…

  1. Download the map section of interest per the ‘Part 1: Downloading the Maps’ section (again for the Edge 520, remember to keep it small*: See note at end of this section!).
  2. Plug-in your Garmin Edge 520 to your computer.
  3. Within the \Garmin folder on the Edge 520, you’ll find the gmapbmap.img file (Disc Image File). Make a backup copy of this on your computer for long-term safe keeping.
  4. Within the \Garmin folder on the Edge 520, delete the gmapbmap.img file (after you’ve copied it elsewhere). Note: If on a Mac, you must now empty your Trash bin, otherwise you won’t reclaim the free space. This is not required on Windows.
  5. Copy the gmapsupp.img map file you downloaded into the \Garmin folder on your Edge 520.
  6. On the Edge 520, rename that map file gmapsupp.img to gmapbmap.img – don’t worry if you can’t see the .IMG extension, just rename it to gmapbmap, like below.

Oh ok, maybe because the disk space on the Edge 520 is so small that it will only contain the basemap.
I have no idea why it won’t work anymore, sorry.

Hello Everybody!

Since I have not really found the answer, here my question:

Does anyone know how often the maps generated on “” are synced to OSM?

Just asking because I have found a lot of errors around here where I live (Central Mississippi, USA), such as unconnected roads that actually are connected and such) and have made the appropriate edits to OSM. There those roads are ok now, but I use the maps for my Garmin, and my edits are not reflected there, even those made months ago…


Hi DrTron
at the bottom right of the big blue map at on the last update is “Map version: 20-06-2020”
I assume the country maps were updated then.
Lambertus in recent times when everything was running fully he was updating about once per month but since then it has become less frequent.
Your edits won’t be reflected in these maps until they are updated.

I suggest you try other versions of Garmin suitable maps as listed here
There are a variety of choices on the Bbbike site and it operates very reliably and the update cycle is weekly.
You can find when it was last updated by referring to point 7 on the faq listed at the end of the help page, specifically here

The HOT export tool has very up to date data available for download in a Garmin suitable format.

Another solution if you don’t find a suitable map provider is to make your own by downloading a pbf of the area you want from Geofabrik which is probably updated daily and then using mkgmap to make your own maps. It’s a steep learning curve and complex at first but once you have it worked out and done a couple of updates it will seem simple and you can run the program to produce a new map quite quickly from the command line.

Thank you very much for the information, I totally missed that there is a date.
As the maps one can download are generated more-or-less on the fly, I somehow assumed that they directly accessed the OSM database or that the update was scripted and therefore must be up to date. I now see it’s not that way.

But that site’s not the only one, I see outdated maps on quite a few sites out there using OSM.

I’ll have a look around to see what’s out there (I use the maps for motorcycling, so bike-friendly topographic maps (which there are a lot out there) is not what I need, but if all fails I’ll just have to build my own maps as suggested. I’m a Linux user, so a commandline tool is nothing new for me.

I am using to download the latest version of the map of France.
I realize that the version is old and from June 20.
It seems that it is no longer updated.
the problem is the same for other countries.
Thank you for your comeback.

Hi, Same to me:

Anyone has an idea or information when this Issing will be resolved?

I don’t think there is any maintenance on the map.
Better look for a alternative.

Sadly, I have yet to find an alternative where one can get both the maps for the device plus the installer for Basecamp.
Short of building your own map, I’ve not gone this route yet.

I use

When will custom maps be available again?
Currently only country maps are available, additionally I found that some country maps do work in Basecamp but not in Garmin devices via sd-card.

Don’t expect that happening on this website since the maintainer does not respond.

I used for creating small maps for my garmin 520, as it has only ±100MB of storage for maps.
I tried other sites, but did not work for me.

BUT, if you select your country on on the left you will see a list of all the tiles used and you can download the individual tiles. For Belgium it was 53 tiles and it took me a while to map the tiles to a screenshot of the map from

Using the mkgmap I’m able to combine the tiles I need for my next ride.

Would be nice that you could download the tile by clicking it on the map, so that I don’t need to figure out the correlation between the tile on the map and the .img file.
Or is there another way to find out this information?

Since you already use mkgmap you might as well generate the map on your own.

Hello all,
First of all, thanks for this great maps.
On my etrex 30x they go very well.
I have just some doubts regarding routing options:
On the etrex 30x, with this map, I should not Don’t avoid highways/motorways right?
Because Motorways and other roads that are blocked for cyclists are non routable. like stated here right?

Is this the same for Edge 530?
Thank you a lot