Worldwide routable Garmin maps: URL REMOVED

I don’t think there is any maintenance on the map.
Better look for a alternative.

Sadly, I have yet to find an alternative where one can get both the maps for the device plus the installer for Basecamp.
Short of building your own map, I’ve not gone this route yet.

I use

When will custom maps be available again?
Currently only country maps are available, additionally I found that some country maps do work in Basecamp but not in Garmin devices via sd-card.

Don’t expect that happening on this website since the maintainer does not respond.

I used for creating small maps for my garmin 520, as it has only ±100MB of storage for maps.
I tried other sites, but did not work for me.

BUT, if you select your country on on the left you will see a list of all the tiles used and you can download the individual tiles. For Belgium it was 53 tiles and it took me a while to map the tiles to a screenshot of the map from

Using the mkgmap I’m able to combine the tiles I need for my next ride.

Would be nice that you could download the tile by clicking it on the map, so that I don’t need to figure out the correlation between the tile on the map and the .img file.
Or is there another way to find out this information?

Since you already use mkgmap you might as well generate the map on your own.

Hello all,
First of all, thanks for this great maps.
On my etrex 30x they go very well.
I have just some doubts regarding routing options:
On the etrex 30x, with this map, I should not Don’t avoid highways/motorways right?
Because Motorways and other roads that are blocked for cyclists are non routable. like stated here right?

Is this the same for Edge 530?
Thank you a lot

Depends on the selected map type. Only if you use “Routable Bicycle” you should follow those hints.

Sorry, I missed to say that, Routable Bicycle (Openfietsmap Lite) yes.
Thank you for the info.
Do you know if for using Garmin (OSM) the behaviour is the same?

No, "Garmin (OSM) "is probably the mkgmap default style, which is not bicycle specific, but bbbike also offers maps with the openfietsmap style.

When you talk about style is the type of routing right?
Because, regarding looks I prefer this garmin version.

It’s not only the look. The style also sets routing attributes. For example, the cycle maps typically will not allow to use motorways. They may route cars over cycle ways because car mode means “racing bike”. So, if you want to use the routing functions for car traffic cycle maps are a bad choice. The maps are produced with program mkgmap, see for more details.

It seems this resource has not been updated in nearly half a year. The latest data available is from 20 June 2020.

You have said what numerous people before you have already said. The maintainer does not respond to attempts to contact him so do not expect an update anytime soon.

Bbbike map is good alternative. Very similar render. For off-roading I use opentopomap.

Does anyone know the mkgmap parameters and TYP-file to create a map just like maps from this website?


Great, many thanks!!!