Woodland and Forest Mapping updates

Since September 2022 to the present, I’ve been on and off mapping woodland and forests in different parts of the United States and have documented them on the forest-mapping channel on the OpenStreetMap US Slack workspace (note: the term “workspace” is synonymous with “server”, a term used in platforms such as but not limited to Discord).

I’ve decided to move the documentation to the OSM Community Forum for two reasons: first, for the the benefit of all that want to see its progress and not just Slack users that are on the said workspace; second, Slack is viewed as an ephemeral (read: short-term) communication medium (see relevant discussion here) and that there is a risk of messages in that workspace not being accessible for one reason or another in the near future.

Accompanying the original messages will be post-mortems discussing whether or not timelines that were mentioned have been met or not.

Once I’m done reposting old entries over the next couple of days, I’ll be making my first (and hopefully not the last) update for 2024 sometime in late February or early March.