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I’m a new member of I’m creating this post in order to meet other users who are interested in improving Singapore map.

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Nice to see someone else working on Singapore!!! We need to decide how to do the mapping, 2 things that I see that you have done, first, is a road like Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 supposed to be mapped with two road elements or one? I thought that only highways was defined as 2 elements??? Secondly, how do we define what is primary, secondary and tertiary road?? The definition that I came up with is that all major roads according to wikipedia is primary, see [1] for the definition, and all other (except highways) are scondary or tertiary, that would make Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 a secondary road (but I do not know where that definition comes from, looking in a map AMKA 3 have the same representation as the roads defined as major in wikipedia). It does not matter that much to me, all I want is that we are resonably consistant, and that is why I wanted to use the list in wikipedia. Next problem is to define the difference between secondary and tertiary, and I have no idea on how to decide that :-). Stefan8 07:34, 6 January 2008 (UTC)

Hello Stefan8

I have just joined and learned the software and rules. So still not very sure about a lot of things in

a) On Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 (plus Upper Thomson Rd and Guillemard Rd): I’ve created the 2 elements so that the map screen will show the correct traffic directions (without looking at tag). I’m not sure whether this is the correct approach. In fact, I thought you may know… :slight_smile: Furthermore, I;m just trying out and so far I’m not able to make the map displays the 2 different directions (like the expressways). Do you know how to do it?

b) On the question of primary, secondary or tertiary road: I’m unsure about the official (i.e. Govt / LTA) definition. For time being, it is based on intuition. IMHO, it may be better to have a more complete data first. We can revise the classification later (yes, it can be tedious). With better data, we may be able to attract more helpers. :slight_smile:

I think it is incorrect to have 2 oneway road elements for a ‘normal’ road, think only highways should be like that? But I’m not sure.

Do we have any other country that does not have a strict definition on how to tag roads as primary, secondary … are you just doing it on intuition or??

Hello Stefan8

a) Personally speaking, I also find it strange “to have 2 oneway road elements for a ‘normal’ road”

However, I think it is the correct approach if we want to use it subsequently for GPS navigation / routing (that would be very nice). Please refer to:

and its discussion page.

b) BTW, I’ve just discovered pyroute which allows routing using OSM data. I’ve managed to use it using Win XP. I also have included step-by-step instructions on installation. See:

I will try out later to learn more.



I have added the MRT East West Line railway tracks & stations. Also updated the wiki entry.

Now starting with North South Line.

[edited: done]

[edited: also have added the North East Line]

[edited: also have updated the wiki entry]

On second though I think that we should make road as Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 as two one way road, as you say it will be better for routing purposes and I guess the rendering will be OK also.

Hi, here I am to say hi!
I will want to map punggol. hopefully my neo works.
if not, i’ll try to map with an nslu2 with garmin usb 18

Hi and welcome!

It’ll be cool to see you walk around with a batterypack, a Linksys NSLU2 and an USB GPS… can someone take a picture of that? But, I assume, you will be driving around in a car?

I think I have a picture of myself with a backpack and a USB GPS mouse under my knitted cap. For awhile I had two of them, and was thinking of adding a USB WLAN receiver… :wink: Most of the time you just tried to hide the cables…

A bit snowcrash-esque…

Hi jipi

Welcome on board! Great, we need more people to help out. Look forward to your punggol mapping. Please feel free to shoot any question that you have… :slight_smile:

Hi, I’ve started trying to plug some of the gaps in the East, particularly around East Coast Rd, Still Rd, Marine Parade. as far as I can tell the naming convention is to use the full spelling of Road, Street, Lorong etc, can someone confirm. Thanks.

Yes that’s right. From Editing Standards and Conventions page:

“Do not abbreviate words. There is currently no table of standard abbreviations (St. could be Street or it could be Saint) and it has been decided that this is a rendering issue. i.e. the underlying data should have the full street name. This will allow a renderer to introduce abbreviations as necessary.”

Yo Friends

I’m another new member of OSM, looking forward to mapping west and orchard area…



If a road has two separate carriageways, divided by a barrier, convention is to map it as two one-way highways. If it’s just a large road, map it as highway=trunk, primary or whatever.

If you want to establish a general correspondence between the legal status of the road (which you get from roadsigns) and the tags used in OSM, it’s probably a good idea to put this on the wiki page so others can see it and comment. Most of the discussion on standards centers on the smaller roads (unclassified/residential/service) rather than the large ones.

Are any of you Singapore guys still actively mapping?

I’m a relatively new member although I’ve been interested in the project for years. I just didn’t realise that I could so easily add to the project and put of joining until now.

I’ve been doing some work on the AMK area and also on the CTE and Braddell Road junctions as they were not very well implemented. I’ve been trying to model them so they would route correctly if the maps ever become complete enough to make them routable.

My plan is to work my way along the CTE and fix the junctions first and then I’ll start concentrating on other expressways and trunk roads.

Hi everyone,
I am Alex and I will be leading a new established research group in the field of transport planning in Singapore. We intend to establish a new transport simulation for Singapore which might rely on OSM-data. We obviously would also contribute to the mapping process. Therefore, I’d like to know who is still active in the OSM-Singapore community.

Hi, I just joined and haven’t contributed yet… intend to do so in the not-to-distant future.

A group? ah hah (with upward inflection). Excursion on bicycles with GPS? haha.

Hello fushionstream

Sorry, I didn’t notice your earlier posting until now…

I’m active again … :slight_smile:

Now, my focus is on adding new building data (e.g. HDB flats, condo, apartments, commercial)