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Dude, I made some suggestions in the wiki page on tagging conventions. I’ve tried to balance both tag definition and road usage in Singapore. Hope you don’t mind. Let me know what you think!

Let’s get some steam in them wheels! :slight_smile:

I don’t have any strong opinion on your suggestions for tagging conventions. They look ok to me.

btw, when creating the map, my personal preference is to batch the map drawing. As such, there will be minimal tagging by me for the moment - just enough to show the basic nature of the items such as road, building.


I agree. This is necessary for proper routing whenever there are ramps or side streets that connect to only one side of the divided highway. (Personally I don’t usually bother splitting highways when the dividing barrier is just a small island or has openings so that does not interfere with traffic flow through any intersections.)

I think even if there are small islands it is really important to have separate carriageways because the router may plot a route based on an impossible route.

Btw. What are your thoughts of using Google Maps to show you where there are roads and then driving around those areas with a GPS logger? I tried this out on my second last trip for the first time but there were configuration complications so it failed.

Hi I’m new here… and been editing the map since I started 2 weeks ago. I currently trying to map the places around my house and work place. All the small roads and hdb flats…

I got my sources from SLA and google map. I still don’t get to know how to use the gps logger yet. But hey. I think this is a great project hope we can find more people to involve in this.

Welcome to the “project”.


first of all: Welcome to the project.

I don’t know about data from the SLA, you would have to check their copyright notice and terms and conditions for use. But Google definititely does not allow to copy data from Google Maps, so you will have to remove that data again. Having that data in our database endangers the whole project.
If you can’t get a GPS logger to work, you could use the aerial images from Bing (but NOT the Bing maps), because Microsoft allows us to trace their images.

I believe he is using Google Maps to decide where to drive/walk/cycle to, then using his GPS logger to record the tracks.

Dang, I glossed over that bit.

I’m afraid lyx is right. You can use BING maps to trace out the roads and such but you are not allowed to use Google Maps as your date source. The entire map could be deleted if it were found that it contains data from Google or another unlicensed source.

If possible please include building height in your tags.

Was playing around with my Garmin Nuvi and noticed a number of POIs to be tagged “Johor” as part of the address. Is this something incorrect or am i missing something?

Which POIs?

Since you’re using a Garmin device can I assume that some conversion was done? Could that be it?

It might be a conversion or how the Nuvis interprets data. the issue doesnt seem to exist with Etrex - Legend HCX and Etrex 20. the Nuvi 2455 and 300 shows the “Johor” tagging… :confused:

the maps are from:


As I got a request from a friend being in Singapore, I had a quick view on OSM data.
A few small issues: missing building types, missing building heights and other 3D information :wink: We like to create a 3D model of singapore and some building hieghts would be nice.
Also: On Nanyang University, the “Hall of Residence” is tagged as landuse, not as a building.
Are those really LANDUSE? or are they buildings? If they are buildings, please tag them with building=*

Thank you.


Would this be for flightgear perchance? I’ve added some rough heights to some of the buildings in Simei (if you can find it)… for flightgear.

Found something odd with routing. Loaded the map to my nuvi 2455 and searched for ION Orchard. It was routing off road, as the crow flies but not with a direct path. the same thing happened with the Etrex 20. Screenshots - Copy of map from

the poi/building is near a street… if i select a spot near or on the road, the routing works. The building has a road inside for drop-off and taxi pickups. im thinking of adding that road and see if it routes properly next time…

thoughts? suggestions?

Greetings! I’m a spatial planning researcher living outside of SG and i want to thank you guys for all that effort you’ve put into mapping our infrastructure. I want to share something i’ve made with an a snapshot downloaded from

This map reveals the connectivity of each road segment. Road segments in red tones indicate higher connectivity in comparison to roads in green tones. This means that segments in red and orange are easier to get to than those in yellow or green. Btw, the technique applied comes from a urban analysis theory known as space syntax. Better resolution here:

Interesting graphic. Thank you for sharing!

Nice work Alvin! I’m thinking of setting up a slack group for OSM and geospatial data related stuff in Singapore if you and anyone else in this group are interested in joining.

So… I just got around to trying out OSM, and found WikiProject Singapore. Doesn’t seem like it’s too active any more, but I might as well bring this up here:

Do you think it’s feasible to import data from They’ve got quite a number of KML data sets for many different types of landmarks/routes/regions, and seem pretty up to date. Thing is I’m not sure if that would mess up a lot of the already existing mapping efforts, and I can’t tell if the Open Data License ( is agreeable with OSM’s policies.