Why India's Map is shown wrong in this website?

Why India’s Map is shown wrong in this website? As neither Indian or non other countries recognises it even in Google Map it is shown correct than is it a mistake or done purposely?

Perhaps you could explain what you think is shown wrongly? You might get more help if you were a little more specific.


Maybe the same issue as in India-Nepal Boundary Dispute over Kalapani area

If it is, it should be discussed there. But without knowing what’s in @DiwyanshuAgrawal’s mind help is impossible.

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My guess would be that the question was more likely to be related to Kashmir, and the laws within India that require that cartographers show the Indian claim rather than the de facto situation.

It is entirely possibly to show OSM data over borders that meet the current Indian government’s legal requirements.

I’d also suspect that this issue being highlighted now may be related to the fact that there is an election going on right now.

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@rskedgell Sure, let me be specific to the point that the Kashmir Region shown in the map is incorrect the area is occupied by Pakistan and is a integral part of India.

Hi @SomeoneElse thanks for focusing on Indian Election but let’s don’t behave like media channels and I came to this website as I was about to implement offline Map in my app and I like this website the reason I mentioned this issue is very simple that this territory is India’s integral part and when we talk about de facto situation which means you somewhere supports illegal land acquisitions.

thanks @Vinzenz_Mai for your reply. Kalapani and Lipulekh issue isn’t forcibly occupied that’s why it’s little bit different from it.
And my target is not to blame anyone here, it’s just that if you see something wrong about your country’s map then you will also speak.

@DiwyanshuAgrawal just making sure we are all aware of this

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May I respectfully suggest that if that is your goal a better title for your question might have been to mention that rather than “Why India’s Map is shown wrong in this website”.

How disputed areas are represented in OSM data is described in detail here (and yes, a search of this site for “Kashmir” or similar would have found a link to that).

A quick search also finds a previous answer** that I gave to a similar question - essentially, you need to explain a bit about what sort of map you’re making before people can give you more specific help.

** which links to this old diary entry which solves exactly your problem for one particular map technology.


thanks @rhhs for the documentation it helped me to prove my point.

as per the above doc https://openstreetmap.in renders the Indian perspective of the boundaries.” it is clearly mentioned and I visited the India specific page which is showing the correct map but why not in global map?

Actually I wrote what I felt. Way of asking the question could be more polite but as I said it was just let the contributors know about it not to blame them or something like that.