Where's the best place to go for very early feedback about a proposal?

Hello all, I wanted to make my first proposal and wanted to get some feedback on it before committing the effort of making the proposal on the wiki. Where would be the best place to get that early feedback? I was thinking it’d be here? If it is here would it be under the general help & support space or the tagging help & support space? Or maybe the tagging mailing list would be better? Don’t wanna spam that list any more than necessary though. I could also post to the talk page for the particular key but it seems like that doesn’t get a whole lot of activity so leaning away from that as an option.

Edit: Or would it be best to just go forward with the proposal? I haven’t done much wiki work in the past so it is just a little daunting and getting some early feedback might make that process a little smoother if the first version I can share is closer to the final version.

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Honestly, anywhere you feel comfortable. Some folks start chatting about proposals here or the OSM Discord or the OSM US Slack or one of the various smaller communities. Being specific about the kind of feedback you are looking for and questions you are still working through can really help. Necessarily, the conversation will need to expand to a broader audience as you move closer to a “final” proposal but you don’t need to start at the broadest possible place if that seems daunting.

As a recent example. Another mapper and I have often lamented to each other about a specific tagging deficiency, mostly in DMs on the OSM US Slack. That lead to this long thread that has a ton of great discussion and eventually landed at this proposal.