What happened to ÖPNVKarte?

What happened to ÖPNV Karte? It has not been updated since 22nd of August 2023. Does anybody have any information about why ÖPNV Karte is not updated?

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This map layer appears abandoned, not maintained and contracting maintainer(s) has not worked.

There are plans to remove it from osm.org for that reason.

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Os-emmer, by ‘not updated since August 2023’ we mean that it has not rendered any changes to the database since that time

Hello BLINMATIC and welcome,

what exactly do you mean with “not updated”? Did you edit something that is now not rendered? Than maybe emptying your browser cache may help.

If there was a change like a new bus route or a moved bus stop or something like this that no one entered into OpenStreetMap yet, it won’t be updated automatically. Someone (e.g. you or anyone else) can do such edits. But please be aware that relations (such as bus routes) are quite complex and not the right thing for beginners to edit. Do you have a link to the specific object/area where you are missing data?

Yeah, and this thread #3 or 4 or 5 or … on the same topic

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ToniE, that’s most likely because nobody has sorted it out yet :sweat_smile:
It doesn’t say much for OSM’s governance when one of the rendering choices on the main www.openstreetmap.org map has been banjaxed for an entire year, and people are still saying things like ‘have you tried clearing you browser cache’? :melting_face:

I emailed the contract address on their website months ago to ask what the problem was, and got no reply. Perhaps they’re in jail :face_with_peeking_eye:

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