OPNVKarte not being updated...?

I really like the look of the OPNVKarte layer that is offered on www.openstreetmap.org, but in the past month or two it doesn’t seem to have been updated… indeed for some zoom levels, it doesn’t yet reflect edits I made in January (!)
Are they OK…?

There’s a proposal to drop ÖPVNKarte as a featured tile layer due to infrequent updates or inaccessibility:


Aw. It looks great, that would be a shame! (But if it can’t get updated, then… :frowning: )

I’m bumping this thread as the ÖPNVKarte layer is unusable as of now (i.e. none of the tiles are rendered anymore), both on OSM as well as on its dedicated website. On top of that, the certificate for publictransportmap.org also appears to be expired (which apparently also got caught two days ago by someone else) which also shows my support to drop ÖPNVKarte from OSM.

Well it’s 2024 now, and I don’t think there was have been any updates to OPNVKarte now for about 12 months? :frowning:
Last time I saw one was Jan 2023.