What do you do when people don’t respond (or stop responding)?

Continuing the discussion from Changing RFC time for proposals including deprecation:

well, firstly you fork a topic, like explained here :smile:

No; then you go with https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposal_process - suggesting what you intend to do, how you plan to handle existing relating tags, etc. as mentioned here.

Then you follow that Proposal process as outlined in the wiki. If nobody has any conflict nor had improvements, you proceed to Voting stage, and then, after Voting period passes, you count to votes, and only then change proposal status to “approved” or “rejected”. If it was “approved”, then you proceed to do thing exactly as you outlined you will do them in the proposal (so you’d better put some thought into Proposal initially, or you’ll be stuck midway implementation, and would have to abandon that proposal midway and start whole chore from the beginning).

If that is exactly what you proposed in your Proposal and it was Approved; then yes.

That is also something you’ll need to propose how to handle in your Proposal.

Although, ATYL doesn’t work when your proposal intend to mess up with already existing tags. (it works fine if you’re just inventing new tag to describe something)

Personally speaking, the most common reason that I don’t engage with a proposal is that the purpose and rationale are not clearly written, such that it’s hard to understand what the problem is, what the proposed solution is, and why the status quo is insufficient. In the past, I’ve commented on such proposals to point out that the proposal is not clear, and the response from the proposer is usually combative. After all, the proposer certainly believes their purpose and intent are clear.

I’m passionate about this topic because I’ve gotten five proposals approved, and I put significant effort into carefully describing the proposed change and why it fixes a real problem. So when I see proposals that seem to have been put together quickly and with not a lot of effort behind them to really dig in and research the problem and understand the different approaches and international interests, I don’t really feel a strong urge to jump in and help with the legwork unless it’s a topic I particularly care about.

Just to put my money where my mouth is, here’s a couple of examples of what I think a clearly-written proposal should look like: