Ways to create a style-JSON for vector tiles

I read this comment:

I wonder how I can build a json-File containing all necessary parameters.

Is there a Best Praxis, a software or a tutorial?

Creating a json style from scratch is complicated for someone who is not familiar with the language, I have been experimenting with json styles for a while to obtain custom maps from Mapbox, MapTiler and Thunderforest, and I only make small modifications.
Consider using Maputnik, an online editor, you can also use MapBox Studio and the MapTiler editor.
MapBox and MapTiler will offer you base maps so you can experiment with them (colors, shapes, sizes, fonts, contours, shading,…)
If you don’t know the rules of json, the worst thing you can do is go directly into the code (code editor + json style), too many things to break, one extra comma or semicolon they will lose the code, so don’t go into the text file yet.
My recommendation is that you start with MapTiler or MapBox Studio, you will see everything organized and you can add or remove what you want and you will see the process live.
If you want to modify existing styles use Maputnik.
What you can do with json styles is wonderful, you can add 3d using some unique MapBox parameters, modify satellite sources (opacity, b&w,…) add various sources, use vector or raster data, the possibilities are many.
Some links where you will find useful information=

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