Vas z ulico. Označujem pravilno?

Vas Bočna ima ulice in pošta je Gornji Grad. OSM Bočna
Je tako označevanje pravilno?

addr:city=Gornji Grad

Recimo druga ulica bi bila Otok (severno), ampak v OSM je Otok označeno kot vas na Geopediji pa kot ulica.

Bo tako pravilno ali brez village?
addr:city=Gornji Grad

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(I’m not very familiar with the specifics of Slovenian addresses; I’m just posting my observations. Comments from other mappers may be more reliable.)

The way I read the wiki page, the correct mapping would be

addr:city=Gronji Grad
addr:place=Otok (or Bočna, respectively)
addr:housenumber=* (use the appropriate house number)

without using:

  • addr:street should not be used in combination with addr:place according to the wiki.
  • addr:village is not even documented in the wiki, so I’d never use it.

De facto way
However, in Slovenia, lots of addresses have been imported from GURS (see forum thread and how-to video), where addr:street is used instead of addr:place for this kind of cases. According to the wiki, this seems to be slightly incorrect, but has become the de facto standard in Slovenia.

Just to clarify what the official GURS data is:

Otok 1, 3342 Gornji Grad, Bočna, Bočna, Občina Gornji Grad, Savinjska (46.29723, 14.84489)
OpenStreetMap, GeoHack (46.29723; 14.84489)

  "lat": 46.29723,
  "lon": 14.84489,
  "street": "Otok",
  "housenumber": 1,
  "city": "Bočna",
  "municipalityPart": "Bočna",
  "municipality": "Gornji Grad",
  "zipCode": 3342,
  "zipName": "Gornji Grad",
  "statisticalRegion": "Savinjska"

So in this case there is

  • actual street (ulica) named “Otok” → addr:street (NOT addr:place or addr:village!)
  • housenumber (eg 1) → addr:housenumber
  • city (naselje) “Bočna” → addr:place (or addr:village)
  • zip code (poštna številka) 3342 → addr:postcode
  • zip area name (naziv poštnega okoliša) “Gornji Grad” → addr:city

FYI, just “Otok 1” is not unique, but has 4 matches:

  1. Otok 1, 3342 Gornji Grad, Bočna, Bočna, Občina Gornji Grad, Savinjska (46.29723, 14.84489)
    OpenStreetMap, GeoHack (46.29723; 14.84489)
  2. Otok 1, 4260 Bled, Bled, Bled, Občina Bled, Gorenjska (46.36186, 14.09001)
    OpenStreetMap, GeoHack (46.36186; 14.09001)
  3. Otok 1, 1384 Grahovo, Otok, Cerknica, Občina Cerknica, Primorsko-notranjska (45.73521, 14.37589)
    OpenStreetMap, GeoHack (45.73521; 14.37589)
  4. Otok 1, 8332 Gradac, Otok, Krajevna skupnost Podzemelj, Občina Metlika, Jugovzhodna Slovenija (45.61627, 15.29298)
    OpenStreetMap, GeoHack (45.61627; 15.29298)

#1 & 2 are street names, 3 & 4 are places named “Otok” with no streets.
Adding zip code and zip postal area name would make the address unique enough, but searchers can use the city name as well IF it is in some tag, that’s why it is advisable to put it in some standard tag.

In some cases the place name is required to make the address unique, as the same street, housenumber and zip code and zip name has multiple matches, eg “Glavna ulica 1, 9220 Lendava” has matches in 4 different places in same postal area and same municipality Lendava:

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I just want to add how importer is working and reasoning why…
Why I don’t like “addr:place”… First of all some validators don’t like having addr:street and addr:place at same time… At time that felt important to me, now I think validators are just wrong… Second, I read somewhere that “addr:place” is meant to associate address with island or some other relevant information… It is mostly confusing very non-descriptive tag, hence I prefer “addr:village”.
End of the day it doesn’t really matter much, we can do automatic converstion addr:place->addr:village or vice-verse one day when we analyze how different software handles things(which can be modified…) and community agrees on, but until then it feels better to keep pushing towards better solution which is “addr:village”.

Another interesting thing about importer, it puts “addr:village” only when it is different from “addr:city”(postal name), when village has streets, main reason for this is so advanced software can show name of street and village which for example: “Podpeška cesta 152, Vnanje Gorice, Brezovica pri Ljubljani”, this also allows for query like “Mercator Vnanje Gorice” to work correctly…
Reasoning for doing this only when “addr:city” is different because I don’t see value add…

I think it is important that software displays also village name, because it re-affirms users confidante in search result and lowers risk of navigating to wrong address.

Honestly I’m fine with going back to “addr:place” and doing mess conversion from existing “add:village” it just feels inferior tag for Slovenian needs…

Reason why addr:street is used instead of addr:village for villages without street system is poor software support for addr:village…

Zanimiva primerjava pogostosti posameznih tagov (tudi addr:place vs addr:village) na Slovenia Address Import (GURS) | Projects | OpenStreetMap Taginfo :