Validating and finding oneway roads

Kaart has been looking into this project. They’re looking into validating existing oneway roads and more interestingly finding new ones specifically in Kuala Lumpur. Any idea where we can find reliable sources on that?

On ground. Look out for road signs “oneway” / “jalan sehala”.

Collected GPS points might help a bit: it will show the obvious directionality of highways. Still, there might be false positives e.g. frontage roads where traffic might be sticking mostly in one direction when in reality, it’s not signposted as a one-way road.

If your team is feeling adventurous, spot the painted traffic direction arrows on road surfaces, through the freshest imagery.

you can view one way road signs in mapillary

… and false neagtives when people on motorbike or bicycle were using the oneway road in opposite direction…