корисни извори података - useful data sources

Предлажем та се овде скупљају кориснe изворe за податке:

i propose to make a list of useful sources here:

за почетак преглед нумерација путева у Србији (M и Р путеви) - as a start an overview of road numbering in Serbia (M and R roads):


Геопортал србије (имају прецизне ортофото снимке)

Да, Геопортал је добар али незнам како стоји по питању лиценце.
Ево директан линк.

Колико ја знам, из претходних прича, ни један ни други сајт несмеју да се користе за мапирање/копирање без изричите дозволе тих установа.

Можда би неко желео да се позабави том тематиком, да пита, добије дозволу?

Pedja has tried it a while ago but they have declined. As I have said on the mailing list some times ago, it seems easier to get data on a local level. We got the permission to use data from Subotica, Senta and Vršac.

@Thomas: Has this approval been issued to a specific individual, or was it given to the actual project? Do you have anything in writing? I think it would be a good idea to start a database and storage of these documents and approvals.

respond in Serbian if you prefer :wink:

Senta and Subotica gave permission to the OSM project (really official letter with official seal). Vrsac gave me personally a letter following my visit at the cadastral office at the Gradska Kuca.
Until now, the database of approvals is here at my PC :wink:

Nah, I am sure everyone here is multilingual anyway. But we’ll keep on working on making you the modern day Goete :wink:

Anyhoo, yeah, I guess it would be a good idea to form some non profit in Serbia and organize something so that these and similiar items are managed and kept there. Thats the long term idea at this stage.

I personally would suggest to get in touch with other communities like Open Source/Open Data/Wikpedia etc to set up one non profit entity. It is probably hard to fullfil the legal obligations for such an entity with only the OSM community. In Germany the FOSSGIS (which stands for Free and Open Source Software for GIS) is acting on behalf of OSM Germany. Also Wikimedia, which operates a non profit company here, ensures that we get some funds from the multi million Wikipedia funds. Last year 5,000 for aerial images, this year 20,000 for local language maps etc.

Rather than making me a Goethe, I would prefer a recommendation for a book like “Serbian cyrillic for dummies” :wink:

Thats easy: the book is called Буквар and you only need to heed the words of Вук Стефановић Караџић: Пиши како причаш, читај како пише.

Што се тиче ортофото снимака било би лепо када би смо могли да користимо барем локалне GIS изворе, скоро сваки град их данас има (нпр. један од њих http://gis.ni.rs/ ) али мислим да је проблем у законској регулативи, ове институције и неби имале ништа против, питање је под којим условима их је могуће користити.

we got permission to use the Subotica GIS
It is worth to ask. I was in touch with a teacher at the University Niš and he wanted to ask because he was using the Niš GIS and OSM at the university.
Here he is
His name is Milan.
But I am not sure if he has asked and what the outcome was.

There are several public GIS across Serbia like here http://gis.kragujevac.org.rs/ There was a EU funding for it. As far as I know one condition was to made the results public. That would explain why these websites exist. But I am not sure how far this “public” goes.

Since i just like to map and really don´t have a real technical clue, is there a way to get the GIS data (which we clearly may use) as a background in JOSM?

You can save visible part of map as GeoTIFF and then import that into JOSM, I haven’t tried it but I guess it cloud be done, relative easy.

And here is one of useful sources http://www.ems.rs/slike/karte/ENERGETSKI%20OBJEKTI%20svih%20naponskih%20nivoa.jpg is map of Serbian power grid, you can find more about that here http://www.ems.rs/stranice/tehnicke_informacije/index.htm.

With PicLayer http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/JOSM/Plugins/PicLayer we can use even ordinary JPEG-s as background reference.

yes, we only need the WMS adress then you can add it like Bing, Landsat etc. It is also possible to add scanned maps or orthophotos in the background with an own WMS. If some people follow the “local name” thread here in the forum and set up an own mapserver (which can be uses as WMS), it is not a big deal to use it for JOSM and provide the resource to other mappers. It does not matter if it is a 1MB map or hundreds orthophotos with xx GB forming a mosaic.

That would be nice, but I haven’t seen publicly available api-s for this maps, so I don’t know how we can use this resources directly without a little bit of reverse engineering.

Ако имате времена и воље да читате доста о путевима у Србији и околини, овде итекако има доста корисних информација:


Bilo bi dobro da neko tamo okaci post i da malo zainteresuje ekipu da nam se pridruzi ovde i svoje podatke da doprinose OSM-u?